Watch South African comedian Trevor Noah’s take on the conformity of all airport announcers around the world to sound the same…except, of course, those in South Africa!

South African comedian Trevor NoahAfter watching the video, a South African YouTube user commented: “OMG I just came back from a long trip from Durbs to Jo’burg to Abu Dhabi, then Singapore, then Brisbane…and the exact same route back and I can tell you that every announcement at all these international airports are made in an English. I can actually understand until I get back to South Africa!

“We are all sitting waiting in Johannesburg and flights are delayed, announcements are made but no-one seems to understand…so we all flock to the airport ground staff to ask what is going on. How strange is that indeed? And I thought English was the most used language and the acceptable business language in SA?”

Watch Trevor Noah Video: Crazy Normal – Attention All Passengers