Sun, May 28, 2023

mbatha raw

An Actress Named After Gugulethu Wows Hollywood

The latest Vanity Fair cover is an annual event where the most talked-about stars in movies grace the cover, and one of them is...

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WATCH Trudy Rushin Recalls District Six on 50th Anniversary

It was one of South Africa's many dark moments. Fifty years ago, on 11 February in 1966, the neighbourhood of District Six on the fringe of...

WATCH “The Coolest Dance You’ve Never Heard Of”… SA’s Pantsula

In an interview with The New York Times, South African photographer Chris Saunders says his love of the pantsula dance culture stems from its...

WATCH What’s Happening This Weekend/Month in Creative South Africa

The innovate site have launched a free Web show that highlights lots of creative things going on in South Africa you might not have...
nkandla man

“Nkandla Man, Won’t Ya Hurry…” (With Thanks to Rodriguez)

Perfectly timed to make a repeat appearance on social media while "Sugarman" singer Rodriguez is in South Africa for his sixth tour is the cartoon...

25 Books Every South African Should Read

Looking for deeper insight into South Africa - or just a good read? Here are snap reviews of classic South African books, covering everything from...
harry potter

JK Rowling IDs Hogwarts Biggest Competition, a Wizard’s School in Africa

It's been almost 10 years since J.K. Rowling brought out "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", the last in the popular series, but she...

WATCH Ellen and the South African Couple Devoted to Wildlife

U.S. talk show host Ellen de Generes has long been known as a supporter of animal causes, and now it's African animal causes too....