Tue, Mar 28, 2023


‘The Journey Man’ Extracts – We Remember Hillbrow

Hillbrow, Jo’burg’s inner city Tenderloin district, was never a nest of angels... In the late 1970s and 80s, it was the most cosmopolitan piece of...

Beyoncé Sets Her Sights on Playing Saartjie Baartman in Movie

The singer Beyoncé wants to make a movie playing Saartjie Baartman, the Khoi woman who was sent to Europe in the 19th century and spent the...

The Pretoria Child Drummer Gets a New Beat VIDEO

A video of Sihle the Drummer (his surname is not given on Facebook) playing drums on an assortment of stand-in objects was first posted on...
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‘The Journey Man’ Extracts – Pretoria Blues

It was May, 1976...and as a lowly young reporter for the Pretoria News, I discovered that Siberia comes in many forms. Because I had disgraced...

More ‘Random Kak’ from South African expat Trevor Romain

Fans of author, humanitarian, philanthropist - and South African expat - Trevor Romain will be pleased to know that Trevor's second book in the...

Of gangsters, bad cops and taking on Hollywood

Casting real life gangsters in iNumber Number was a clever move; it turns the feature film into a believable slice of life that has caught the...

More Entertainment Options as Netflix Launches in South Africa

The successful U.S. streaming entertainment company Netflix has broadened its global outreach to South Africa, where it launched this week and goes up against...

WATCH Amazing Performance of Toto’s Africa by ‘Angels’

Watch one of the best cover versions of Toto's Africa ever performed... Using a unique intro - the kind that will make you want to...

Justice Malala Puts SA’s Deepening Malaise in Plain Language

Justice Malala’s book, "We Have Now Begun Our Descent: How to Stop South Africa Losing its Way", does a number of things well. It...

Beautiful Love Song by Eastern Cape’s Nathi VIDEO

"Nomvula" is a very chill, very catchy Xhosa song by up-and-coming singer Nathi - he's been called "a breath of fresh acoustic air" - in...