Tue, Apr 13, 2021

Wildlife and the Environment

Gemsbok with spiderweb in Botswana. Photos: Jess Isden

Gemsbok with Striking Spiderweb Puzzles the Net

Photos of a gemsbok with a thick spider web wrapped around its horns have caught the attention of social media users in Southern Africa,...

Team Work Results in Arrest of Two Rhino Poaching Suspects

Tragically another white rhino cow and her calf were killed in South Africa over the weekend for their horns, but fortunately two rhino poaching...
vet 3d-printer-tortoise-jaw

Vet Rebuilds Jaw of 30-Year-Old Tortoise with 3D Printer in South...

A Gauteng vet, Dr Clifford Bull, and his awesome team at Craig View Veterinary clinic in Boksburg, South Africa, have used a 3D printer...
Lions Dead Poisoning Uganda

Six Lions Killed for Body Parts in Uganda. 8 Vultures Also...

KAMPALA, UGANDA - Six lions have been killed in Uganda by suspected poisoning. The Uganda Wildlife Authority said in a statement that it is...

Rhino Poachers in 2 Trials Finally Convicted

The suspects in two long-standing rhino poaching trials in the Mhala Regional Court have finally been successfully prosecuted. The South African National Parks (SANParks)...
Donkey skin trade South Africa

Trucks Carrying 100 Foals for Donkey Skin Trade Intercepted by NSPCA

Trucks transporting 100 donkeys for the donkey skin trade were intercepted last Monday evening near Mooiriver, after almost 18 months of inactivity, according to...
WATCH Heartbreaking Farewell to Baby Elephant Orphan Fenya

WATCH Heartbreaking Farewell to Baby Elephant Orphan Fenya

The orphaned elephant calf, Fenya, who captured the hearts of locals in Hoedspruit, South Africa, and social media users worldwide with her brave battle...
PETA: Ramaphosa Issues More Denials of His Trophy-Hunting Businesses

PETA: Ramaphosa Issues More Denials of Links to Trophy-Hunting Businesses

Perhaps it is fitting that the portraits of the “Big 5” animals are featured on South Africa’s banknotes because there is a price on...
trophy hunting elephant wildlife

Ramaphosa Says Hunting Key to SA’s Economy, Accuses Pressure Groups of...

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa issued a statement recently (29 January 2021) arguing that the hunting industry is key to South Africa's economic growth,...

Safari Tracker Tragically Ambushed and Killed by Two Lions in Limpopo

A safari park tracker in Limpopo, South Africa, was tragically attacked and mauled to death by two lions on Sunday morning, 7 March 2021,...