Wed, Aug 17, 2022

botswana elephants

Mystery Solved of Hundreds of Elephants Dying Suddenly in Botswana

The mystery of why hundreds of elephants (over 300) have been suddenly dying in Botswana - some literally dropping dead on their faces -...

Polar Bear Pics are Out as Climate Changers Change Visual Message

It's out with the polar bear pictures and in with more varied images that represent climate change around the globe as it impacts on...

Lions Rescued from French Circus Re-Homed at Shamwari’s Big Cat Sanctuary...

After nearly four years and eight thousand miles, Born Free’s ‘Lions of Lockdown’ have finally reached African soil as they make it to the...

4 Poachers Arrested After Killing Rare Mountain Gorilla, Rafiki, in Uganda

Four alleged poachers have been arrested in Uganda for the tragic death of a rare Silverback mountain gorilla, known as Rafiki. They claim it...

WATCH Rare Humpback Dolphin Swims with Bottlenose Dolphins in South Africa

A stunning scene - featuring a rare (and sadly endangered) humpback dolphin - has been captured by Love Africa photographer Casey Pratt, off the...

Hong Kong Seizes Record Haul of Rhino Horns from South Africa

HONG KONG - Hong Kong customs seized a record 40 kg (88 pounds) of rhino horns worth around HK$8 million ($1 million) from Johannesburg...

South Africa’s Massive ‘Sardine Run’ Leads Fish into Ecological Trap

One of the world’s most spectacular marine migrations is the KwaZulu-Natal sardine run. The so-called "greatest shoal on Earth" takes place during the southern...

Doc Exposes Sewage Crisis in South Africa’s Glorious Camp’s Bay

A new video documentary exposes the sewage crisis in Cape Town's beautiful ocean, which is increasing as the population grows. (Watch below.) Every day, millions...
Endangered Vulture Nesting Sites Drop to Less Than Half in 2021 in KZN, South Africa

Endangered Vulture Nesting Sites Drop to Less Than Half in 2021...

Vultures across Africa and the globe are experiencing population declines. This is no different in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa - the southernmost...
Rhino baby

WATCH Baby Rhino Chasing the Birds. For Roger.

Kruger Sightings has uploaded this sweet footage of a baby rhino chasing the birds, together with a message saying "this video is dedicated to Roger...