Tue, Jun 6, 2023

Let’s Not Allow Our Giants to Fall

The new movie When Giants Fall is coming soon and it looks like it’s going to be what we’ve been waiting for. It tells...
John Stanford cycled from London to Cape Town to raise awareness about the plight of rhinos.

South African Cycles Across Africa for Rhinos

John Stanford arrived in Cape Town on 4 August, following a gruelling bicycle ride of 15,200 km from London to the Mother City, undertaken...

Excuse Me, There’s A Lion in My Tree

To celebrate the third annual World Lion Day (10 August 2015), here are some of our favourite photos of lions in Africa...chilling in trees. According...
Black Rhino mating in South Africa

Rhinos in Love…And Then He Kissed Her

With the escalating poaching of rhino causing rhino figures to tragically dwindle it's become a rare sight and privilege to view a rhino in...
Thirsty elephants, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Where There’s an Elephant, There’s A Way

When an elephant has to drink, he has to drink. And if there isn't a running river or waterhole nearby, he won't think twice...

So Cute! Watch Baby Elephant Chasing the Birds

Kruger Sightings recently added this gorgeous video of a tiny new-born elephant to their YouTube page. The elephant calf can be seen trying to chase...
Whale South Africa

Wild Whales on a Windy Day in SA

Dave Hurwitz from Simon's Town Boat Company captured these awesome photos of whales having a proverbial "whale" of a time two days ago. Dave told...

Je Suis Cecil – Pictures, Petitions, Responses and Results from the...

Since Minnesota dentist Walter James Palmer was named as the American dentist responsible for killing a well-known lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe last month...

Social Media Storm Rages Over Killing of Cecil the Lion

Only a day after The Telegraph newspaper identified Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer as the person who had shot and killed with a bow and...
Baby rhino South Africa

Stranded Baby Rhino Turns to Cars for Help

A baby rhino in a South African wildlife park seems to have sought out the "comfort" of cars after losing its mother in a phenomenon...