Tue, Mar 28, 2023

Update from the Karoo: What the Frack is Going On?

The Karoo lies at the heart of South Africa in many ways. Its spirit of place lies in silence, open horizons, flat-topped hills, windpumps,...
Dehorned rhino in Kruger National Park

Another Rhino Poached Tragically in the Kruger – Heartbreaking Video

This is incredibly sad. A video has been uploaded to YouTube showing a young rhino - with its horn cut off - staggering helplessly...
Jackie Chan and Spike the Rhino

Jackie Chan, Spike the Rhino, Royalty and Sports Stars star in...

Action star Jackie Chan has teamed up with a unique co-star, Spike the Rhino, in his latest video - Tools of the Trade. Their...
Hunting area vs Village land

Two Sides: A Safari Operator Speaks Out on Melissa Bachman Debacle

In response to the outrage sparked by photos of American TV celebrity Melissa Bachman gloating behind a lion she killed in South Africa, a...
Fracking stirs controversy in South Africa

New Fracking Film Exposes Botswana’s Gas Rush

It turns out that while South Africa is hotly debating the pros and cons of fracking in the Karoo, Botswana has gone right ahead...

Save the Rhino Event in London

If you're in London - make sure to get down to GJ's in Wandsworth on the 30th November for a Save the Rhino fundraising...

Cape Town becomes bike-friendly

Cape Town is going green in more ways than one. It has a network of bicycle lanes across the city that are to be...

Down the !Gariep River by kayak

  The !Gariep River – which is also known as the Orange – is South Africa's longest river, at over 2 000km, and it...

The king returns to Cradock

For the first time in more than a century, the lion’s roar can be heard through the tranquil wilderness of the Mountain Zebra National Park near...

Poisoning horns to save rhinos

The latest attempt to counter the thriving crime of rhino poaching comes in the form of a poisonous substance with which a game reserve...