Wed, Oct 20, 2021

animal testing south africa

WATCH #SaveRalph: Short Film to Ban Animal Testing in South Africa

Hollywood filmmakers and movie stars have joined forces with Humane Society International (HSI) to produce a powerful short film, #SaveRalph, to end cosmetic testing...
Mongooses Rescued After 'Hitching' a Ride to Pretoria

WATCH 30 Mongooses Rescued After ‘Hitching’ a 170km Ride to Pretoria

Thirty Banded Mongooses that inadvertently 'hitched' a ride from Mabula Game Lodge for 170km to a house in Silverlakes, Pretoria, have been successfully rescued...
tame Warthogs Sit Obediently for Food with Pet Dogs video

WATCH Warthogs Sit Obediently for Treats Alongside Pet Dogs

It looks like an ordinary domestic scene of pet dogs being fed beside a swimming pool in South Africa, until you look a little...
elephant pencil drawing david filer

WATCH World’s First Life-Sized Elephant Pencil Drawing by Talented David Filer

A life-size pencil drawing of an African elephant is bringing its viewers to tears, so magnificent and realistic is the artwork... an homage in...
leigh de necker

Shark Lovers to Brave 13km of Fish Hoek Exclusion Zone for...

While the iconic great white shark is without a doubt the most recognisable in False Bay in the Western Cape of South Africa, it...
Gemsbok with spiderweb in Botswana. Photos: Jess Isden

Gemsbok with Striking Spiderweb Puzzles the Net

Photos of a gemsbok with a thick spider web wrapped around its horns have caught the attention of social media users in Southern Africa,...

Team Work Results in Arrest of Two Rhino Poaching Suspects

Tragically another white rhino cow and her calf were killed in South Africa over the weekend for their horns, but fortunately two rhino poaching...
vet 3d-printer-tortoise-jaw

Vet Rebuilds Jaw of 30-Year-Old Tortoise with 3D Printer in South...

A Gauteng vet, Dr Clifford Bull, and his awesome team at Craig View Veterinary clinic in Boksburg, South Africa, have used a 3D printer...
Lions Dead Poisoning Uganda

Six Lions Killed for Body Parts in Uganda. 8 Vultures Also...

KAMPALA, UGANDA - Six lions have been killed in Uganda by suspected poisoning. The Uganda Wildlife Authority said in a statement that it is...

Rhino Poachers in 2 Trials Finally Convicted

The suspects in two long-standing rhino poaching trials in the Mhala Regional Court have finally been successfully prosecuted. The South African National Parks (SANParks)...