Mon, Jan 11, 2021

Fatal Lion Attack on Tour Guide in “Cecil’s” Hwange National Park...

Less than a week ago, safari company Camp Hwange was celebrating the "cat bonanza" they had been enjoying lately. Sadly this turned to tragedy...
Great White Shark, South Africa

A VERY Close Encounter with a Great White Shark

Brett Louw has been diving off South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) coastline for almost 30 years, but on Sunday he had his closest encounter with a...
Cape Town untreated sewage at sea

What’s Going Down Cape Town? Sewage Story Update…

Now that the deadline for comments and objections regarding the City of Cape Town's application for a permit to discharge untreated effluent into the...
Great White Shark Breaching South Africa

Startled Sailor Stunned by Airborne Great White Shark

It’s an incident South African sailor Nzunda Dosi won’t forget quickly.  The moment an enormous 4-metre Great White exploded from the water and performed...

Elephants Stroll through Luxury Lodge to Feast on Wild Mangoes!

Every November in South Luangwa, Zambia, a family of elephants regularly wander right through the lobby of luxury Mfuwe Lodge in order to indulge in...
Flowers in Skilpad Nature Reserve

More Photos of the Incredible Wild Flowers of Namaqualand

The daisies and spring flowers in Namaqualand continue to delight...providing a visual treat for all who visit as over 3,000 different plant species blossom and...

South African Sand Artists Raise Awareness About Our Wildlife

Along the coast of South Africa from Cape Town to Durban, South African sand artists have been raising awareness about Africa's wildlife and the poaching

WATCH Elephant Get Up Close & Personal! JUMBO-Sized Nerves of Steel!

A tracker sitting on a chair at the front of a safari vehicle did the right thing to remain calm while an elephant truly sniffed...
Elephant Kruger National Park South Africa

World Falls in Love with South African Baby Elephant…

A video of a baby elephant playing with low-flying swallows in South Africa's Kruger National Park (which SAPeople shared earlier this month) has become a...
Car attacked by KZN elephant

Important Tips as Elephant Attacks Tourists’ Car in South Africa

Ooh la la. There were two incidents in KwaZulu-Natal yesterday with agitated elephants and English and French tourists in hired cars! Fortunately everyone has...
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