Tue, Nov 29, 2022

WATCH The Real Story Behind South Africa's Eloquent Homeless Man, Bonga Sithole. Photos: YT screenshots

WATCH The Tragic Story Behind South Africa’s Eloquent Homeless Man, Bonga...

A video is going viral in South Africa of a conversation with a homeless man - Bonga Sithole - in Auckland Park, Johannesburg... with...
Ukrainian ‘POW’ lions rescued and relocated to South Africa

South African Ex-Expat Helps Rescue 2 Lions From Ukraine to SA

The Warriors of Wildlife environmental organisation - founded by former South African expat Lionel de Lange - has completed a successful rescue mission, extracting...

Must-Watch Teaser Alert: The Wife’s Third and Final Season

Showmax has just dropped the teaser for the third and final season of The Wife, their multi-award-winning, record-breaking, Twitter-topping telenovela. The smash hit Showmax...
Pretoria School Teacher's Dance Unites Proud SA As Video Goes Viral Worldwide

WATCH Pretoria School Teacher’s Dance Unites Proud SA As Video Goes...

A teacher at Pretoria High School for Girls has united South Africans across the nation as a video of her dancing, and having fun,...
Tali's Joburg Diary

WATCH Trailer for Tali’s Joburg Diary, Just Released

Everyone needs a laugh these days, and here's the trailer for the perfect TV series to deliver - Tali's Joburg Diary, the hilarious third...
WATCH Trevor Noah Opens Up to Jimmy Fallon About Decision to Leave The Daily Show

WATCH Trevor Noah Opens Up to Jimmy Fallon About Decision to...

South African comedian Trevor Noah appeared on The Tonight Show this week, opening up about his decision to leave The Daily Show, people mistaking...
Woman asks huge baboon to 'please' leave hotel room in South Africa

WATCH Polite Baboon Leaves Hotel Room in South Africa When Asked

A video has captured the moment an amazingly obedient - and rather large! - baboon does as requested in a hotel room in South...

3 New South African TV Shows Break Records

Blood Psalms, the biggest and most ambitious Showmax Original yet, has set a new record for the most first-day views on Showmax for any...
No Lottery funds for animal welfare next year

No Lottery Funds for Animal Welfare in South Africa Next Year

The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) has made the “tough decision” to drop animal welfare as a focus area for funding in 2022/2023, a decision...
Conserving rhinos is about more than just stopping poachers

Saving Rhinos is About More Than Just Stopping Poachers

Saving Africa’s rhinos will require a multidimensional strategy, with private game reserves and national parks cooperating and anti-poaching efforts working in tandem with education...