Monday, September 21, 2020

Sick of It - South African video

VIDEO: Sick of It…Again!

Some things never change...even when people are 'sick of it'. A video uploaded almost two years ago has taken off again on social media,...

Kids create Suzelle DIY Parody videos…”because anybody can”!

Suzelle's "bitesized DIY web-series" has inspired South Africans to try some creative do-it-yourself projects...and inspired some children around the nation to film themselves imitating her! Even...
World Pangolin Day

World Pangolin Day – Save Africa’s Pangolins from Poachers

Today is ‪#‎WorldPangolinDay‬ - an important day to raise awareness for the Pangolin, which is not only one of the world's weirdest animals (with...
Aaron Paul

Yo, Check out Aaron Paul Discussing his South African Safari

Even though actor Aaron Paul was exposed to a lot of surreal stuff during the filming of the popular TV series Breaking Bad, he was still blown away...
Johnny Clegg

VIDEO – Johnny Clegg Dancing at Jeppe Hostel

Eish, Johnny Clegg is an inspiration on so many levels. Check how the legendary South African still unites, and dances with energy at the age...

Cool Video of Two Black Mambas Fighting…over a Female of course!

Check out the rare video footage below of two black mamba snakes fighting over who gets the girl! The quality of the film is unfortunately not...
Brent Lindeque - "This is what #RAK15 is all about...someone paid for this person's meal & left this in on the bill."

RAK is BACK. And if you’re reading this…YOU have been nominated....

It's been just over a year since a South African's random act of kindness (RAK) caused a tidal wave of good deeds to sweep the nation and the...
Source: FB/Tanith Molliere - "the calm before the storm."

South Africans stand up to poor service…as HA assault caught on...

A video shot outside a Home Affairs office in Durban on Wednesday has gone viral...and may just be the catalyst that makes some civil servants realise...

Awesome SA Video Proudly showing South Africa to The American

A South African student based in the USA, has put together a cool 11-minute-video of the "best six weeks" of his life - proudly showing...
Proteas Cricket Fan

Watch as Proteas’ Biggest Fan is ‘bowled over’ by Surprise!

The latest video from South Africa's cricket team has knocked local and overseas fans for six. It's packed with pride, patriotism and pure passion...