Wed, Feb 1, 2023

Tom and Jen at the MTV Awards

Not South African - but just too funny to not share with South Africans! Watch about 2 minutes in when Tom Cruise (aka Les Grossman) dances with Jennifer Lopez...

Do the Diski Dance!

South Africa's Diski Dance - a jive where football moves are transformed into dance - is becoming as big as the Makarena and moon...

Leon Schuster’s Survival Guide to South Africa

Leon Schuster has a new movie out called "Schuks Tshabalala's Survival Guide to SA" which (as per usual) makes fun of SA's politicians and...

Sing Along to SA’s Anthem

Here's the music and the words... httpvh:// There's no excuse not to learn it. Even this little kid has it mastered... Baby Singing Nkosi Sikele South Africa's...

Take the Test

From an email doing the rounds at the moment: Here's the new High School Exit Exam - you only need to get four correct in...

Welcome to our castle…bru! WATCH Casle Lager’s Classic Ad for the...

Check out Castle Lager's classic new ad 'Welcome to our home bru':

CNN report on World Cup Fever

Video report from CNN - World Cup Fever hits South Africa:

Die Antwoord are Skopping It!

Jislaaik! It's all happening for Die Antwoord, South Africa's rap-rave band. After rocking the house at Californian music festival Coachella last month, they've announced...

Katie Holmes’ sexy dance with Tom Cruise

Katie took to the stage for a surprise performance with Tom at a Hollywood charity gala over on Saturday evening. The 31-year-old actress serenaded...

Nandos Ads Make Fun of Foreigners

Check out the latest Nando ads, featuring Bra Chris and playing on the perceptions foreigners coming to the 2010 World Cup have about South...