Wed, Feb 8, 2023


WATCH Ship Blocks Suez Canal ‘Like A Beached Whale’

Al Jazeera news channel has described the container ship, Ever Given, that's currently blocking the Suez Canal, as being like a 'beached whale'. The...

WATCH Monkeys Frolicking in Pool During Hot South African Summer

It's been one of the hottest South African summers...and as we all know, there's no better way to cool down than with a swim...

Baboons Behaving Badly in South Africa

Take a break... and watch this video compilation of baboons behaving badly in South Africa. It's havoc! Earlier this year the City of Cape Town...

WATCH Daring Rescue of Surfer During Massive Swells in South Africa

GoPro footage has captured a crazy rescue last week during a massive swell off Sunset Reef in South Africa... revealing the bravery of the...

Watch Huge Rock Python Join Golfers in KwaZulu-Natal

Golfers on a North Coast golf estate in KwaZulu-Natal were surprised by a massive moving "log" on the course... which turned out to be...

Before Trevor Noah Became Famous, He Roasted Steve Hofmeyr VIDEO

In the United States they have been doing it for years, taking a night off to 'roast' - basically make fun of (in the...
cape township

Photographer Hopes SA Videos of Rich/Poor Divide Start of World Project

Photographer and videographer Johnny Miller is quite upfront about what he set out to do when he began filming in April - a series on...

British Comedian Reckons South African Accent Is The Funniest!

Watch British comedian Michael McIntyre on why he finds South African (or 'Seth Efriken' as he says) accents the funniest in the world. Apparently it's...

Carte Blanche for Expats: Will SA’s New President Bring Long-Awaited Changes?

In this week’s episode, Showmax international subscribers will find out from the Carte Blanche team about the most important development of last week: the...
Die Antwoord Ten$ion

Die Antwoord – Baby’s On Fire Video!

Check out the latest video from Cape Town zef rappers Die Antwoord. It's another controversial offering off their latest album TEN$ION, and it's aptly...