Fri, Mar 24, 2023

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South African wildlife videos.

World Lion Day 2022

WATCH Blood Lions Releases Powerful Message on World Lion Day

Today is World Lion Day (10 August) – a day to celebrate one of Africa’s most iconic species and to raise awareness on conservation...
Lion cubs...where they belong. In the wild. Photo:

Whoops. Check Your Bucket List isn’t packed with Travel Faux Pas!

Most of us in South Africa are aware that as cute as it sounds, cuddling a lion cub is a no no. It just...
Python and Porcupine South Africa

Incredible Photos of Python and its Porcupine in South Africa

The photos of an unfortunate African Rock Python, and its equally unfortunate meal - a porcupine - are making news around the world with headings...

The Bulgarian Lions Have Been Freed! VIDEO

The two lions brought to South Africa after being rescued from a Bulgarian zoo have landed! They have also been released into their new home...

‘If You Can Pet Lions, Why Can’t the Rest of Us?’

Two of the most popular wildlife videos on YouTube, watched millions of times already, are of grown men playing with lions as if they were...

Rhino Charge, a.k.a. ‘Rush Hour in Limpopo Province’ VIDEO

The title of Evan Haussmann's video says it all: 'How to film a charging rhino (and not crap yourself).' Says photographer journalist Haussmann, who took...

Little Lia, a Special Lioness, Arrives in South Africa

There have been several amazing stories recently of lions rescued from terrible conditions abroad - including an airlift of 33 cats from South America...

‘Terminator’ Arnold Backs Anti-Poaching in New Video

Actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is in a new anti-poaching video where an elephant's tusk gets blown up after the "Terminator" says...

Elephant Helps Baby Out of Hole in Kruger VIDEO

Two weeks ago in Kruger National Park clients of Wild Wings Safari came across an elephant calf stuck in a muddy hole. Try as it might, with...

Leopard and Baby Impala Play in Incredible Video

In video footage apparently taken in Sabi Sands near the Kruger National Park in December, a group out game spotting came on a leopard...