Tue, Mar 28, 2023

Wildlife & Animals

South African wildlife videos.


‘If You Can Pet Lions, Why Can’t the Rest of Us?’

Two of the most popular wildlife videos on YouTube, watched millions of times already, are of grown men playing with lions as if they were...

The Bulgarian Lions Have Been Freed! VIDEO

The two lions brought to South Africa after being rescued from a Bulgarian zoo have landed! They have also been released into their new home...

Kevin ‘The Lion Whisperer’ Richardson on Canned Lion Hunting

Kevin Richardson, the South African also known as the Lion Whisperer because of his close-quarters work with lions, has just released a video pleading for...
Rhino Poaching South Africa

Dear World. We Need Your Help. Please. For Our Rhino.

The following heartbreaking letter has been posted on Facebook by Nick Tredger whose rhino were killed by poachers this weekend. A Letter from Africa I am...
Python and Porcupine South Africa

Incredible Photos of Python and its Porcupine in South Africa

The photos of an unfortunate African Rock Python, and its equally unfortunate meal - a porcupine - are making news around the world with headings...
Lion cubs...where they belong. In the wild. Photo: CraigDoriaSafaris.com

Whoops. Check Your Bucket List isn’t packed with Travel Faux Pas!

Most of us in South Africa are aware that as cute as it sounds, cuddling a lion cub is a no no. It just...

Rare Elephant Twins bring Feel Good Factor to South African Festive...

The rare and adorable twin elephants that were born in South Africa last week have provided a feel good 'Christmas miracle' story in times of...

Passionate about Wildlife Photography

Things have been a bit hectic over the past month...I had two lots of equipment stolen in the middle of three huge projects I'm...

Baby Elephant Rescue – watch the video

A video that captures the love between a baby and her mother has captivated audiences around the world, especially since this baby and mum...

SA MotorCyclist rescues Calf in Distress – Video

A kind-hearted South African motor cyclist, who rescued a calf, is becoming an internet sensation after his good deed was captured on his helmet's...