Estelle Poisson
Me...Estelle Poisson

Today I’m celebrating my FIRST YEAR in South Africa. I arrived in Durban, from my homeland France, exactly a year ago. Who would have guessed that I would end up in South Africa, in Africa even?

Estelle Poisson
Me…Estelle Poisson

I left my friends, family, work, flat, shops, food… everything, and accepted to change my life completely, but I had the best reason ever to move so far away. I’m actually exactly where I should be: with the love of my life, my husband.

I’ve learned so many things since I moved here. I’ve learnt about people, about myself even.

I’ve observed how brave South Africans are, and most people in South Africa wherever they come from, struggling everyday, and yet able to offer a smile.

Gorgeous Mum and Baby
Gorgeous Mum and Baby Moment

I’ve learned from South Africans’ hospitality and the way they just speak to anyone. They are so friendly.

I’ve learned how past history can leave deep scars in some people but that still it’s not a reason not to try to move on and be a good person to the neighbour.

I’ve been able to appreciate the mix of cultures and the beauty of the variety of skin tones. I’ve noticed how they make a joke about everything and anything, and how it helps them to remain positive and keep smiling.

East Coast Radio Breakfast
Catching up with East Coast Radio Breakfast

I could never imagine living here or even prepare myself for that experience in my life, but I feel blessed for all the Love I have received since being in South Africa, for each and every amazing person I’ve met and for being able to learn so much.

Finally, I’m starting to feel “home”.

365 days in South Africa, done. Life – what’s next?

Durban treeOn Durban Trees…

Here is a pic I took this week in my beautiful Durban. Although it was a bit cloudy, the magnificent trees just keep giving light and shine to the City.

I just love Durban trees, they make each avenue, road or street unique. I don’t know if you’ll like it, but I still share it with you because I do…

On South African Cars…

There is something about South Africa that makes me laugh, fascinates and freaks me out; not only how people drive (and believe me there is a lot to say about that haha), but also where they sit or stand in a car or taxi.

You will often see people sitting in the boot of the car, or squeezing themselves in.

For example, I took a taxi once to go to the Victoria Market and I counted 21 people in the mini-van which only had seats for 14! Don’t ask me how they did it, it’s just the way it is.

The concept of the “seat-bealt” seems… random lol! I wish I could always take a picture of what I come across while I’m driving but it’s not really possible for many obvious reasons (security issues usually force you to drive with your windows up, and also if I hold my camera while I’m driving, even the seatbelt won’t do much for me 😉

On Leopard Print…

Ziningi wearing leopard print

South Africans LOVE their leopard print! I have to say that in Europe, people have a different view on it: usually mature women wear it (the ones we call “cougars” lol).

The thing is I’ve always thought a white person looks ridiculous with leopard prints!!

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been more exposed to these “wild” prints since living in South Africa, but I am really starting to love it. I mean REALLY love it, and I particularly enjoy how people from all origins manage to mix fashion styles to reach a balance of Africa-Europe-America… even Asia sometimes lol!

I’m actually busy looking for the right Leopard Print detail for myself. So far I hadn’t dared going further than the leopard flip flops 😉

My 100th Article – On the Way to Dundee…a photo essay

Trip to Dundee, South Africa

Trip to Dundee, South Africa

Trip to Dundee, South Africa

Trip to Dundee

Trip to Dundee, South Africa

Trip to Dundee, South Africa

Trip to Dundee, South Africa