Oliebolle: Dutch doughnuts beloved by many South Africans

By Irene Muller 29-06-23 10:57

It’s all about the old-school winter recipes this season, and who doesn’t love doughnuts, right? If you’re a dessert person, you’ve made doughnuts before but oliebolle are a bit different. Translated to “oil balls”, these Dutch treats are just round doughnuts with the addition of some fruit that often reminds us of Christmas. They’re beautiful golden brown […]

Baked cheesecake with berries with a crunchy cookie crust

By Irene Muller 28-06-23 12:23

Oh cake, that one dessert we all love and we have so many favourites. There’s one that often stands out as different and confuses us when we’re young. Cheesecake is one of those decadent treats that’s often only enjoyed by adults for this exact reason but we can assure you that the kids will love […]

Spicy pumpkin soup: The Perfect health boost for winter

By Mimi Mfundisi 27-06-23 15:17

Even though we should always look after our health, during winter, we want a bit more of a boost when flu season comes around. Also, if you’re already feeling unwell, soup is a great way to help you fight the sickness and help you get some food in if your appetite is gone. Moms always […]

Easy savoury bread with garlic, herbs and cheese

By Mimi Mfundisi 27-06-23 09:47

Baking is one of those hands-on skills that is always fun, especially when you get to the final result and there’s nothing left because everybody had a lot of it. Garlic bread is one of those treats that everybody loves in any form. This easy savoury bread with garlic, herbs and cheese reminds you of the parties […]

Classic beef meatloaf: Traditionally delicious family meal

By Irene Muller 27-06-23 09:07

You’ve seen American TV shows and their family dinners when the meatloaf comes out. It’s always one of those meals that shows you a close-knit family and how they can spend time together. However, did you know that meatloaf is actually European? This classic beef meatloaf is just one of the many ways you can ground-up and […]

Cinnamon sugar pancakes are simply delicious any time of day

By Mimi Mfundisi 26-06-23 10:43

If you’re a South African, especially an Afrikaans South African, we all know what mom used to make as soon as the rainy and cold weather rolls around. Some fluffy cinnamon sugar pancakes come to the table and we almost inhale them as they come out of the pan. Similar to French crêpes, these pancakes are beautifully fluffy […]

Breakfast egg wrap with a healthy avocado salsa

By Irene Muller 26-06-23 10:20

One of the first questions you ask yourself as you get out of bed is what’s going in your belly. Whether you’re just looking for a quick breakfast to start your day or something healthy to suit your fitness goals, you want to try this breakfast egg wrap with avocado salsa. When you start the […]

faking a sick note for work

Lifehack: Fight off the flu with this natural recipe

By Hennely Nel 31-05-23 19:49

The internet has really made things a lot easier with lifehacks – be it trying out viral food recipes on TikTok or assembling IKEA furniture, knowledge is nowadays, quite literally one click away. The next life hack to make your life just a bit easier is always lurking waiting for you to stumble upon it. ALSO WATCH: Lifehack: […]

Heavenly Hertzoggies: A South African Favourite

By Mimi Mfundisi 16-05-23 17:05

It’s time to bake some heartwarming sweet treats to enjoy while having a cup of tea or coffee. Share the love with these heavenly Hertzoggies. We don’t always have time to go to a coffee shop with friends and enjoy a hot cuppa with a sweet treat. However, if you’re spending time at home and […]

caramel coffee

Recipe: Delicious homemade caramel coffee for cold mornings

By Hennely Nel 04-05-23 17:22

It’s getting harder to get out of bed in the morning and for many of us, we only wake up when we have our first cup of coffee. However, we sometimes need a bit of an extra incentive and a bit of sweetness makes that more enticing. This homemade caramel coffee recipe is that combination […]

Ostrich steak

Ostrich fillet steak with red wine & mushroom sauce

By Mimi Mfundisi 24-04-23 15:12

If you want a fancy dinner this winter, try this luxurious ostrich fillet steak with red wine & mushroom sauce with those you want to impress. Ostrich fillet steak with red wine & mushroom sauce is a fancy dinner delight. Photo credit – Irene Muller Have you been in the mood for steak? Do you […]

loaded eggs

Loaded scrambled eggs with onions, paprika and buttery toast

By Mimi Mfundisi 21-04-23 17:18

Start your weekend morning on the tastiest note when you make some loaded scrambled eggs with your choice of flavourful ingredients. Silky Scrambled Eggs. Image credit: Steve. Mullon On the weekend, you’ve got time to wake up whenever you want to and make the breakfast of your dreams without being rushed. However, that doesn’t mean […]

Pork chops

Delicious recipe: Rosemary and anchovy pork chops

By Hennely Nel 20-04-23 16:22

Pork chops have become more popular recently which also means that you need more fun ways to cook them. The best pork chop is well seasoned and tender with well-rendered fat and a bit of crunch on that fat. To get all the seasoning you want, marinating your chops is the best option and this […]

Amarula Pear tart

Amarula pear tart: A beautiful dessert with a local flavour

By Mimi Mfundisi 19-04-23 13:30

Enjoy another warm and cozy pudding when you make this Amarula pear tart. It’s rich, sweet and great with custard and ice cream! Autumn has reached South Africa which means that it’s also time for warmer desserts to enjoy after big meals. We often enjoy malva and chocolate puddings but you should try our Amarula […]

South African recipes on Heritage Day

South African Recipes for Heritage Day

By SAPeople Contributor 20-09-21 11:48

It’s Heritage Day in South Africa on Friday… and to help you celebrate we’ve put together a choice of meals that cover some of the Rainbow Nation’s varied cultures! So take your pick from Samp & Beans to Cape Malay Koeksisters and Milk Tart (or Melk Tert)… 1. Milk Tart There is nothing like a […]

cape town restaurant milkshake world record

South African Restaurant Sets Milkshake Guinness World Record

By Jenni Baxter 23-01-20 18:52

A South African restaurant at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town has been announced as the Guinness World Records official titleholder for ‘Most Varieties of Milkshakes Commercially Available’. With 207 “decadently divine” shakes on offer, Gibson’s Gourmet Burgers & Ribs has a shake to satisfy everyone’s taste buds… from the most popular (Chocolate of course) […]

Tips on How to Tshisanyama from Braai Master Winner

By SAPeople Contributor 19-09-18 10:40

Ja, nee… South Africans love nothing more than to unite around a fire for a braai – a proudly South African tradition that brings together family and friends throughout the year, but especially on National Braai Day, which happens to be just a few days away. So, if you’ve not started your preparations yet, now […]

UberEats Launches in Joburg… Amidst Doubts about Uber Safety

By SAPeople 28-09-16 13:37

UberEATS becomes available in Johannesburg tomorrow, offering “Joburg favourites, delivered faster”. At the UberEATS launch today, the company said the service “gets you the food you want from the restaurants you love, faster than anyone else.” Users are advised to download the app to select and order their food, which will be delivered to their door. The […]

South Africa’s Favourite Recipes for Heritage Day

By SAPeople Contributor 24-09-16 12:18

It’s Heritage Day in South Africa tomorrow… and to help you celebrate we’ve put together a choice of meals that cover some of the Rainbow nation’s varied cultures! So take your pick from Samp & Beans to Cape Malay Koeksisters and Milk Tart (or Melk Tert)… [vc_button title=”1″ color=”default”] Milk Tart There is nothing like a proper […]

Biltong Cakes

Lekker Biltong Cakes Take the… Cake!

By SAPeople Contributor 17-08-19 22:56

Eish… how much yummier can you get? And why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? An ENTIRE cake made out of BILTONG and DROE WORS!!!! The “cakes” are offered by the Fleisherei® Group of specialist delis and biltong outlets in South Africa. According to their website – biltong.co.za – “Our biltong cakes are the perfect centrepiece […]

SuzelleDIY – How to Make Leopard Print Bread (!)

By SAPeople Contributor 09-08-16 13:09

Here we go. Something you’ve always wanted to know – how to make leopard print bread!!! (It turns out ‘leopard print’ is Suzelle’s favourite colour – “sexy and timeless”.) Watch Video: How to make leopard print bread, by Suzelle DIY If you’d like to try this at home, you will need: 375gm bread flour 35gm sugar 1tsp […]

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