Where do birds go in the winter?

By Lisa Greyson 02-08-23 12:09

In winter, some birds seek shelter from harsh weather conditions. While some birds migrate, others adapt to their regular habitat. WHAT BIRDS DO WHEN IT SNOWS During snowfall, birds actively seek suitable shelter. They look for warm, predator-free spots with access to food. Here are some common hiding spots for birds during the snow. 1. […]

rhino poaching

Rhino poaching declines in South Africa’s Kruger Park

By AFP 01-08-23 17:48

South Africa said on Tuesday its world-famous Kruger Park had witnessed a steady decline in rhino poaching as better patrols and the onslaught it suffered in recent years pushed poachers elsewhere. ALSO READ: Freedom Ndlovu handed a 32-year sentence for poaching offences The government said 42 of the park’s rhinos were killed for their horns from January […]

Nelson Mandela’s legacy is taking a battering because of the dismal state of South Africa

Nelson Mandela Foundation calls for global climate action

By GCIS Vuk’uzenzele 28-07-23 17:07

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has called on the world to unite and act against climate change and food insecurity by planting trees, establishing or working in community and home-based food gardens as part of Mandela Day 2023. ALSO READ: Climate change-related cases rise as people fight global warming Chief Operating Officer of the Green Development Foundation, Talifhani […]

Wildfires in northeast Algeria destroy homes, killing 34

By AFP 28-07-23 14:02

Algerians in the fire-ravaged northeast were Thursday 27 July 2023 counting the cost of the wildfires that killed 34 people, destroyed homes and reduced vast forest areas to scorched wastelands. The wildfires raged for days, mainly through the mountain forests of the Kabylia region on the Mediterranean coast, fanned by winds during the blistering summer […]

hyena eats buffalo

VIDEO – Hyena finds a sick buffalo and starts eating it

By Shyleen Choruma 28-07-23 13:01

In this latest animal sighting, a hyena finds a buffalo sleeping and starts eating it alive. According to the Maasai Sighting, this sighting occurred at Maasai Mara. ALSO WATCH: WATCH – Abandoned baby buck gets attacked by eagles A hyena strolling through the MaAsai mara encountered what seemed to be a sick buffalo and started […]

Unique project launched to help elephants and humans co-exist

Unique project launched to help elephants and humans co-exist

By Jenni Baxter 18-07-23 16:48

Humane Society International/Africa has advanced a unique community-based conservation project around Ithala Game Reserve to facilitate peaceful co-existence between elephant herds and local people. In collaboration with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, African Conservation Trust and the Bio-Diversity Conservation Foundation, the animal protection organisation is constructing an elephant-proof fence in the 290 km2 reserve in northern KwaZulu-Natal […]

Visionary climate change commitment made by Mpungose Community in Eshowe, Northern KwaZulu-Natal

By Love Africa 18-07-23 14:52

An inspiring Manifesto has been drafted by the Mpungose community of Eshowe, Northern KwaZulu-Natal, as a direct response to the devastating effects of climate change. This significant statement of declarations and calls to action paves the way for community-driven responses to environmental matters that negatively impact the daily lives of many South Africans.  Workshopping a […]

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