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Titanic misinformation

Titanic misinformation? Doubts on whether the ship really sank

By AFP 23-06-23 16:23

The Titanic inspired a tear-jerking blockbuster and expeditions to its watery gravesite — including a fatal one this week — but viral TikTok videos peddle a stunning conspiracy theory: the ship never sank. More than a century after it went down in the North Atlantic Ocean, wild myths and urban legends about the luxury liner […]

Reitu Hand Crafs

Reitu Hand Crafts: Passion project turned thriving business

By AFP 23-06-23 15:33

A MOTHER’S EXCITEMENT OVER THE ARRIVAL OF HER NEWBORN BABY GIRL IN 2018 INSPIRED HER TO TRANSFORM OLD CLOTHES INTO MATCHING OUTFITS FOR HERSELF AND HER DAUGHTER. That marked the beginning of Dineo Cheonyane’s thriving venture, Reitu Hand Crafts. Cheonyane (32) credits her daughter for the motivation to start her business, which derives its name […]

Titanic Sumbersible

Titanic sub tragedy: What is a ‘catastrophic implosion’?

By AFP 23-06-23 14:01

A “catastrophic implosion,” such as that believed to have destroyed the Titan submersible, would have happened with incredible force and speed given the crushing water pressure on the floor of the ocean. DID YOU KNOW | What is the most common name for a newborn BOY in South Africa? The remains of the Titanic rest on the seabed in […]

Titanic sub

Titanic sub news: Water pressure ‘greater than a great white shark bite’

By AFP 23-06-23 11:41

A “catastrophic implosion,” such as that believed to have destroyed the Titan submersible, would have happened with incredible force and speed given the crushing water pressure on the floor of the ocean. DID YOU KNOW | What is the most common name for a newborn BOY in South Africa? The remains of the Titanic rest on the seabed in the […]

Titanic Sumbersible

Submersible debris suggests ‘catastrophic loss’ of pressure

By AFP 23-06-23 10:20

Debris discovered on the ocean floor suggests the missing submersible near the wreck of the Titanic suffered a “catastrophic loss” of pressure, the US Coast Guard said on Thursday. DIARISE | When is the next long weekend in South Africa? “Upon this determination, we immediately notified the families,” Rear Admiral John Mauger told reporters in Boston. “On behalf of […]

Ethiopia launches fourth filling of a disputed dam

By AFP 22-06-23 21:58

Ethiopia is preparing to launch the fourth filling of its mega-dam reservoir on the Blue Nile, the country’s deputy prime minister announced Thursday 22nd June, 2023, despite opposition from its downstream neighbour Egypt. The massive $4.2 billion Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has been at the centre of a regional dispute ever since Ethiopia broke […]

Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma-era graft prosecutions too slow – South African judge

By AFP 22-06-23 21:22

A year after the conclusion of a groundbreaking probe into state graft under ex-leader Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s top judge and civil groups on Thursday berated a lack of urgency to prosecute. ALSO READ | When is the next public holiday in South Africa? On June 22, 2022, the final of a series of damning reports from a […]

Five things to know about Zambia

By AFP 22-06-23 20:05

Copper-rich Zambia, the first African country to default on its debt during the Covid pandemic, is looking to seal a China-backed deal to restructure its debt during a two-day global finance summit Paris this week. Here are five things to know about the southern African nation of 19.6 million inhabitants, which is a key target […]

Beijing hottest day

Beijing records the hottest June day

By AFP 22-06-23 18:39

Beijing logged its hottest June day since records began on Thursday, the national weather service said, as swathes of northern China sweltered in 40-degree heat. ALSO READ | When is the next public holiday in South Africa? Scientists say rising global temperatures – caused largely by burning fossil fuels – are aggravating extreme weather worldwide, and many countries in Asia have experienced […]

Mexican Supreme Court rules against abortion punishment

By AFP 22-06-23 16:41

Mexico’s Supreme Court has ruled that women can challenge state laws punishing abortion, regardless of whether they are pregnant. A court press release said Wednesday that the “mere fact of being a woman or person with the capacity to gestate is sufficient” to legally challenge local laws. ALSO READ | US Supreme Court to step in on abortion […]

Netflix invests $2.5 billion in South Korea

By AFP 22-06-23 16:03

Netflix’s $2.5 billion investment in South Korea is an “opportunity” for local business, the streaming giant’s CEO said Thursday, as he played down a dispute with local internet companies over network usage. South Korea is one of Netflix’s biggest suppliers of television series and films, and boss Ted Sarandos said it was “investing for the long […]

Elon Musk world's richest person list

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg challenge each other for a CAGE FIGHT

By AFP 22-06-23 15:03

Tech titans Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are in a fierce business rivalry that has spilt over into a playground spat, with the two men offering to fight each other in a cage. FOR MORE BUSINESS & FINANCE NEWS VISIT THE SOUTH AFRICAN WEBSITE Months after Musk took over Twitter, Zuckerberg’s Meta hinted it was planning to launch its own text-based social […]

Titanic Sumbersible

Titanic Submersible: Rescuers race to save crew

By AFP 22-06-23 12:48

A massive search and rescue effort for a missing submersible near the wreck of the Titanic is in a critical stage, with just hours before its oxygen supply for the five people aboard is expected to run out on Thursday. While coast guard officials insisted they remained “hopeful,” with a surge of assets and experts […]

chicken nuggets nandos advert

Would you buy? USA approves lab-grown chicken for sale

By AFP 22-06-23 10:15

The United States has granted its first ever approvals to two companies to sell chicken grown directly from animal cells, paving the way for lab-grown meat to be eaten by consumers. WATCH | Clifton 4th Beach LIVE webcam: 24-hour sand and sea coverage The US Department of Agriculture reviewed and approved food safety systems at the facilities of Upside […]

Somalia jihadist attack

Somalia suffers jihadists strike again as AU force withdraws

By AFP 21-06-23 20:17

A military base in Somalia came under attack by Al-Shabaab jihadists on Wednesday 21st June 2023, police and witnesses said, just as the African Union announced it was beginning a drawdown of troops in the violence-wracked nation. Almost simultaneous suicide bomb blasts targeted the base in the southern city of Baardhere, which hosts both Ethiopian […]

Kenya minister Moses Kuria

Kenya’s trade minister in trouble after insulting journalists

By AFP 21-06-23 19:58

Kenya’s trade minister is at the centre of a firestorm over a series of derogatory remarks against a leading media outlet, including calling its journalists “prostitutes”. The opposition and journalist associations have called for Moses Kuria to be censured over his outbursts, saying he was unfit to hold public office. The furore erupted when Kuria […]

Michael Jackson fedora

Michael Jackson’s moonwalk fedora up for auction: Got R2 million?

By AFP 21-06-23 17:40

The black fedora worn by pop superstar Michael Jackson just before he dazzled the world with his moonwalk dance for the first time will be up for grabs in September during a Paris auction of music memorabilia. ALSO READ | Elton John, Guns N’ Roses take to the stage as Glastonbury Festival opens The King of Pop […]

Venus Williams

Wimbledon update: Venus Williams handed wild card

By AFP 21-06-23 16:52

Five-time Wimbledon singles champion Venus Williams has been awarded a wild card for next month’s championships. ALSO READ | Wimbledon: Is this the coldest celebration in tennis history? The American, who played mixed doubles at the All England Club last year, has not featured in the singles event since 2021 but rolled back the years on Monday to beat Camila Giorgi at […]

Michael Jackson fedora

Michael Jackson’s fedora to be auctioned in Paris

By AFP 21-06-23 16:32

The black fedora worn by pop superstar Michael Jackson just before he dazzled the world with his moonwalk dance for the first time will be up for grabs in September during a Paris auction of music memorabilia. ALSO READ: Mzansi’s Michael Jackson: DJ Tira’s moonwalk dance moves go viral [watch] The King of Pop whipped off […]

Tenoch Huerta sexual assault

Black Panther star withdraws from film due to sexual assault allegations

By AFP 21-06-23 16:02

“Black Panther” star Tenoch Huerta has withdrawn from his latest movie to defend himself against accusations of sexual assault, the Mexican actor told a television station. ALSO READ: ‘Black Panther’ returns to screens, without Chadwick Boseman Huerta, who played the character of Namor the Sub-Mariner in Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” denies the allegations made by […]

SARAFINA! At the Cannes Film Festival 2023

Moroccan filmmakers shines at Cannes Film Festival

By AFP 21-06-23 14:19

A new, young generation of Moroccan filmmakers last month stepped into the limelight to make its debut at France’s Cannes Film Festival — snatching three prestigious awards. “The Moroccan films screened at Cannes represent some of the best in the history of cinema in Morocco,” said film critic Bilal Marmid, who covered the two-week festival […]

Percy Tau Al Ahly

Africa Cup of Nations qualifying: Five talking points

By AFP 21-06-23 13:34

Five-time champions Cameroon will be among 16 teams chasing nine finals places in the last round of 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying during September. While only Egypt, with a record seven titles, have been more successful in the continental showpiece, Cameroon must win at home against Burundi to be certain of qualifying. ALSO READ: Amajimbos thumped […]

Somali dating app

Dating app: How Somalis search for love online

By AFP 21-06-23 13:05

The makers of Guurdoon, the first app for singles in Somalia, are hoping to help their fellow citizens find love in a nation with no shortage of challenges. Just don’t call it a dating app. Guurdoon (“seeking marriage” in English) was launched in October last year by the Guryosamo family development centre, whose chairman Ahmed […]

Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival opens: Elton John and Guns N’ Roses to take the stage

By AFP 21-06-23 12:50

The iconic Glastonbury Festival opens its doors on Wednesday, 21 June with 200 000 music fans set to descend on a farm in southwest England to see acts including Arctic Monkeys, Guns N’ Roses and Elton John. ALSO READ | On what day of the week will Christmas fall in 2023? While able to draw the biggest performers from every genre and generation, the long-running festival is […]


Rescuers detect ‘underwater noises’ in hunt for missing Titanic sub

By AFP 21-06-23 11:16

Rescuers searching for a missing tourist submersible near the wreck of the Titanic have detected “underwater noises” in the search area, the US Coast Guard said on Wednesday, with oxygen for the five on board rapidly running out more than two days after they lost contact. MUST READ | List of every Springbok captain in history All communication was lost […]

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