Durban beach at Xmas

Racial Tweet After Beach Litter Unleashes Storm

Comments by some white people on social media about the state of KZN beaches over the festive season have unleashed a storm on Twitter, with some...
Natalie Cole

‘Unforgettable’ Natalie Cole Passes Away at 65. VIDEOS inc. Mandela Concert

American singer Natalie Cole has passed away in Los Angeles at the age of 65. According to a statement from her family, she died...

Video Reveals Shocking Drought in Free State, South Africa 2015

If you've been reading about the drought in South Africa and not sure just how bad it is, take a look at this footage...

Handicapped Woman (Lip)sticks it to Illegal Parkers

A handicapped Cape Town woman whose son could not find a parking bay to pick her up at a shopping centre because they were all...

An Expat Discovers 10 Ways to Drive in SA

Anyone who has just got back to South Africa will quickly notice several things: the prices (good), the weather (fantastic), the politics (volatile), the protests (increasing). And,...

South African Stunt Woman Reveals She’ll Lose her Arm after Crash

Stunt woman Olivia Jackson has revealed that her arm is to be amputated after crashing badly during a high-speed motorbike stunt on the South...

Two Major International Papers Strongly Criticise Zuma

It isn't often that major news publications write editorials about a government not their own, or take its leader to task. But in the...

And Miss Universe 2015 is … Oops VIDEO

Miss Universe South Africa was one of 15 finalists in this year's Miss Universe pageant on Sunday to witness one of 2015's biggest gaffes on...

Foreign Families Turned Away from Dream Holiday to South Africa

An average of 10 families are being turned away from Heathrow Airport daily as they try to embark on a holiday to South Africa, according...

Tutu’s Anti-ANC Video Makes Comeback

After a tumultuous week for the government, which precipitated the #ZumaMustFall protests on Wednesday, one of which was addressed by Reverend Mpho Tutu, people have...


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