Wed, Oct 20, 2021

Dis lekker hier!

Eish. From an email doing the rounds... South Africa is a great country because: 1. You can eat half dried meat and not be considered disgusting. 2....

Paris arrested at the World Cup…

Eish! Super-celebrity Paris Hilton was reportedly arrested at the World Cup today, whilst watching the Brazil vs Holland quarterfinal match in Port Elizabeth. The...

And another stewardess tries smuggling cocaine

Eish. Yet another South African Airways stewardess has been charged with attempting to smuggle cocaine into the UK. Looks like they don't learn! Just...

SA’s female condom with ‘teeth’ gets global attention

The female condom with 'teeth', which was invented by a South African, is being splashed across newspapers worldwide today. Thanks to the world's eyes...

A Mother’s Message of Mourning

As Former President Nelson Mandela and his family laid their beloved Zenani Mandela to rest yesterday, her mother's message is one that will resonate...

Chaka Chaka calls Mugabe “most handsome”

Eish! Yvonna Chaka Chaka has reportedly proclaimed President Mugabe as the "most handsome man in Africa"! The South African musician and Unicef Goodwill Ambassador (pictured...
shakira waka waka

Wake-y Wake-y – where’s the Waka Waka?

Eish. The World Cup Concert got off to a pretty good start. But due to a combination of factors, the middle bit (on right...

The Vuvuzela: Bafana’s 12th man

by Bongani Nkosi Some find it quite annoying, and others even want it banned from stadiums, but South Africans love it dearly: it spurs the...

Zuma’s wife cheats on HIM…allegedly

Eish. After revelations earlier this year that President Zuma had a baby out of wedlock, it has now emerged that one of his...

Cape Town’s Vuvuzela!

Eish! Have you seen Cape Town's Vuvuzela? You can't miss it! Source: an email doing the rounds