Thu, Feb 2, 2023

Hunting area vs Village land

Two Sides: A Safari Operator Speaks Out on Melissa Bachman Debacle

In response to the outrage sparked by photos of American TV celebrity Melissa Bachman gloating behind a lion she killed in South Africa, a...

Novelist Doris Lessing Passes Away Peacefully at 94

Nobel-prize winning author Doris Lessing has passed away peacefully at her home in London this morning. She was 94-years-old. Lessing, who was brought up in...
International rugby referee Romain Poite

South Africans take Rugby Referee Romain Poite “problem” into their own...

Outraged South Africans have taken matters into their own hands to make sure Romain Poite never refs another rugby game! The international referee caused...
Westpark Cemetery

Young Victims Remembered

Dewald van Dyk’s shoes lie in the murky depths of Westdene Dam in Johannesburg. They have been there since 1985, when he dived into...

South Africans Fed Up with Oscar Bashing Mania

As the rest of the world settles back to watch what they're calling the South African version of the OJ Simpson trial, a growing...
South African sports hero Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius in Shock Arrest for Accidentally Shooting Girlfriend Dead

South Africans are reeling after the news today that legendary Olympic and Paralympic hero Oscar Pistorius (26) has been arrested after allegedly shooting his...

Only in South Africa

  Only in South Africa is it permissible for a company to drive on a main arterial road (in Cape Town) using a worker as...

Jakes Gerwel remembered

Humanitarian, businessman and academic Jakes Gerwel, a close friend of former president Nelson Mandela, will be remembered for his humility, and as an icon...

School Principal’s Dear Mr President Letter Goes Viral

A Western Cape high school principal's open letter to South African President Jacob Zuma has gone viral. The letter, penned by Bergvliet High School...

Sad Farewell to SA’s Bryce Courtenay

South African-born and raised author Bryce Courtenay passed away late last night at his home in Australia. The author, who rose to fame with...