Sun, Apr 11, 2021

steyt 4

KAROO DIARY: Getting Smashed in Steytlerville

So this is a true Karoo Moment... Jules and I are sitting on the front stoep of the Karroo Theatrical Hotel. We’re spending the entire...
frack 9

KAROO DIARY: The Farce of Fracking Consultations

Since early 2011, the ANC Government has been promising the people of the Karoo that they would be consulted before any decision to exploit...

KAROO DIARY: Those Magnificent Mother Churches

I’m a presently-lapsed Anglican boy who once attended a Dutch Reformed church service, somewhere in a dusky Mpumalanga coal town, just so I could...

KAROO DIARY: New e-Books from Karoo Space!

This time of the year, you would usually not find Jules and me at home in Cradock. We would be tootling around somewhere on a...
show 1

KAROO DIARY: Show Time in Prince Albert!

Karoo towns are never the first choice for those seeking the bright lights. Prince Albert, though, is an exception. It’s worth waiting until dark to...
snowy 2

KAROO DIARY: A Silly Sense of Snow

Looking out at the vast and sunny Karoo Heartland today, you’d never think that less than two weeks ago we were all snow-stormed in. Which...

KAROO DIARY: Seeking Out Saskatchewan!

Last summer I had a thought and shared it with my wife Jules. “Jules,” I said. “Imagine a South African sitting up north somewhere like...
snow 6

KAROO DIARY: Snow Business

If you’re warm and you’re safe, it’s such a jol to be in the Karoo when it snows... This weekend the forecasters predicted a serious...
free 3

Rise of the Freelancers

Every day, I hear the cries of media people – journalists, graphic artists, photographers and copy editors – who have just been kicked out...
rusk 1

Ouma Rusks Legend – KAROO DIARY, South Africa

The fabulous South African rusk has been a staple of Karoo travel, going back to the 1700s. If you were an explorer, a hunter, a...