Monday, September 28, 2020

Tshepo M: “I Suffer from Depression”

I suffer from depression. These are some of the hardest words to say out loud. They may appear like just another utterance but in...

The Not So Normal Life of an Expat Wife

Back in the day when I lived a relatively normal life, I ended up sat in one of those stiff, four-walled office interviews where...
Max du Preez

Be on Your Guard, Dezinformatsiya is Coming

The erstwhile Russian KGB called it dezinformatsiya and spent a large amount of energy and resources on it: the distribution of false information, malicious...

SA Teen’s Letter: “President Zuma, We Need You… To Resign”

South African teen blogger DYLAN ELS has written this open letter to President Jacob Zuma. He has also emailed it to the Presidency and relevant...

Thabo Mbeki Calls For A ‘Rebirth’. Is South Africa Up To...

The appointment of former South African president Thabo Mbeki as Chancellor of one of the country’s largest tertiary institutions, the University of South Africa...
Rhino South Africa

Rhino Poaching War…From the Front Lines

Just before the last full moon of 2015, I was out in the early evening walking down a dry river bed in a densely...