skadonk Shown Taxi racing video game
Skadonk Showdown video game for PC and macOS. Image: Supplied

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WATCH: SA’s Taxi Racing video game in action!

Skadonk Showdown is a South African taxi racing video game. How would YOU like to be behind the wheel to race your own?

skadonk Shown Taxi racing video game
Skadonk Showdown video game for PC and macOS. Image: Supplied

South Africa is kept commuting by its lively taxi industry, from going to town to getting to work. But how would you like to be behind the wheel of one yourself, all while the rules of the road go out of the window if you played this taxi racing video game?

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A South African-made video game lets you do just that!

Skadonk Showdown is a unique local driving game that can only be described as crazy fun.

Here’s more about Skadonk Showdown and how to hone your virtual driving skills.


Skadonk Showdown was made by programmers Duncan Bell and Al Ridley.

According to the game’s description, it was “sparked by the rich concentration of different individuals and cultures within South Africa – most importantly the taxi culture.”

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The game offers three different game modes, including a taxi race through the streets of Johannesburg.

Anyone who remembers driving games like Mario Kart can enjoy this one for hours. Game controls are easy to navigate as you seize control of your car on SA’s virtual streets.

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Cars are automatically “souped up” with nitrous for that extra speed boost. The goal of the taxi-driven video game is to make sure you arrive at the end destination first (or fastest), and it’s not so much focused on the road-rules!

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Skadonk Showdown can be downloaded here for PC or Mac.


Want to see what the game looks like in action?

Choose your vehicle, choose your mode, and get on South Africa’s roads in one of the most familiar cars you could hope to see: the taxi.

Watch the YouTube video here.


Get to race your OWN vehicle on South Africa’s roads, virtually of course.

The game can be played on your own, but there’s also a Multiplayer mode, for when you’d like to play against your friends (or enemies).

Can YOU win behind the wheel?