Family Guy
The hilarious Griffin family on Family. Image: Disney+

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Family Guy: Peter Griffin goes to AFRICA [Watch]

Family Guy has become one of the most popular cartoons on the air aimed at adult audiences. Did you know Peter Griffin once went to Africa?

Family Guy
The hilarious Griffin family on Family. Image: Disney+

Family Guy is one of the most popular cartoon comedies on the air, even though it’s meant for adults instead of kids to laugh at. The show is known for its off-beat humour, focusing its attention on news and popular culture.

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The FOX television show has been on the air since 1999, but did you know that Africa has made its list of skits over the years?

Watch as Family Guy’s Peter Griffin visits Africa with the rest of the family.

Do you think their portrayal of Africa is funny, or inappropriate?

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Family Guy has taken its brand of humour to Africa, where characters Peter and Carter have to visit the continent to recover their money from 419 scammers in person.

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The episode makes several references to the popular ‘Nigerian money scam’, where victims are often asked to aid in the transfer of money from one country to the next (for a fee).

This episode first aired in 2016, eliciting responses and ‘reaction videos’ from users on YouTube. Some responses were mixed, criticising the episode fot content that paints Africa in a negative light.

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Further references to Africa in Family Guy includes a song about Peter Griffin in Africa, done in the style of Simon & Garfunkel.


Family Guy is an adult cartoon comedy show created by Seth Macfarlane.

The show has been aired since 1999, with more than 400 episodes that have been created since the very beginning of the series. More than 20 seasons of the show have been produced since the start, with every episode featuring Peter and the Griffin family – which includes both a talking dog (Brian) and talking baby (Stewie).

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Since its start, the show has achieved high ratings – but also come under fire for its controversial humour, which doesn’t seem to be everyone’s cup of tea.



Tell us what you think about Peter Griffin visiting Africa.

Was it inappropriate, or did you have a laugh?

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