Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia. Image: canva

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Cambodia launches new e-Cards for entry

Travellers heading to Cambodia will need to be aware of a new digital entry process that they will have to complete prior to their visit.

22-06-24 09:05
Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia. Image: canva

A new entry requirement for Cambodia

If you’re making travel plans to visit Cambodia soon, you will need to take note of the country’s new e-Arrival Cards, which have to be applied for one week before your arrival.

According to Travel News and, from 1 July paper documents will not be accepted, and all travellers arriving in the country will have to have an e-Arrival Card.

These new e-Cards will not replace the requirement for a visa or change existing visa requirements but will replace the paper immigration form, health form, and customs declaration to help streamline the arrival process.

How to apply

Travellers can download the e-Arrival app from the Google Play or iOS App Store, or they can complete their application on the government’s online portal.

UAE’s new requirements for entry

In related news, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) also recently made some changes to their tourist entry requirements.

Among these requirements, tourists will now have to provide proof of sufficient funds for expenses in cash or on a credit/debit card.

These new stricter policies were carried out to deter jobseekers from entering the country on a tourist visa with no intention of reports.

Tourists will need to be aware of the following before booking their ticket to the UAE:

  • Visitors will have to provide hotel booking documents and a return air ticket.
  • Visitors to relatives or friends will need to provide copies of their visa and passport, as well as their address, phone number, and accommodation details.
  • Visitors must show evidence of sufficient funds for expenses.

These funds are specific and tourists entering with a one-month visa must have at least Dh3 000 or R15 340 in cash or on a credit/debit card.

Tourists entering with a three-month visa will have to show an amount of Dh5 000 or R25 567 for expenses.

It was also revealed that passengers may be asked about their documentation and purpose of visiting and if adequate reasons are not given, they may be denied entry into the country.