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A R320 000 deposit from the EFF to Afriforum is raising eyebrows. Image source: X @romyblomkamp

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EFF didn’t pay Afriforum R320 000

A recent screenshot has gone viral, alleging that the EFF had paid Afriforum R320 000. The screenshot has been exposed as fake.

08-11-23 09:44
EFF AfriForum
A R320 000 deposit from the EFF to Afriforum is raising eyebrows. Image source: X @romyblomkamp

A recent social media post claiming the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) had paid Afriforum a fee of R320 000 has gone viral, but after some investigation, these claims have been proven to be fake.

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The EFF and Afriforum have been at loggerheads for years. The two political bodies have not seen eye to eye on a number of political matters and they’ve taken each other to court several times in the past six years. Afriforum has accused Julius Malema of hate speech, while the EFF has accused Afriforum of refusing to allow them to occupy private land.

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While the cases have been inconclusive, it looked for a moment that a resolution might be close to being reached when it was alleged that the EFF had paid the Afrikaans lobby group a handsome sum of money.

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While the EFF’s leader, Julius Malema, has been on a week-long anti-Springboks tirade, something else has been happening in the background. It all began when a user on X posted that the “red party” had deposited a sum of R320 000 into Afriforum’s account. Although the reason behind the transaction wasn’t detailed, one suspected it might have been a settlement fee to resolve the many cases that are ongoing between the two political groups.

The user, named Daniel Eloff, claimed that the EFF had made a “generous contribution” towards Afriforum’s coffers

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There’s only one problem though: the proof of payment attached in the above document appears to be a little questionable, to put it politely. One user pointed out the fact that the document contained a few errors that a legitimate proof of payment document wouldn’t have.


It didn’t take long for more and more South Africans to share further evidence to suggest that the payment was fake. A legal professional put further nails in the coffin of this “payment” story when she wrote, “The proof of payment is dated at the bottom of the page, you forgot to edit that little bit, it still says 29 May 2013. It’s a nice try but next time check for little details like dates and Directors, they gave it away.”

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There were many other sloppy details that exposed it all as fake.

The EFF has yet to respond to the claims of the R320 000 payment.