Cape Town water disruption
Cape Town water disruptions this week. Photos: Stock/Canva

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Johannesburg Water announces plans to tackle water supply crisis

Johannesburg Water has announced plans to tackle water supply issues in the region, saying they will focus on resilience and sustainability.

22-03-24 12:25
Cape Town water disruption
Cape Town water disruptions this week. Photos: Stock/Canva

Johannesburg Water remains committed to providing quality water and sanitation services to the residents of the city. The entity is focusing on initiatives to boost resilience and sustainable recovery, even in the face of economic challenges faced by South Africa, such as rising unemployment and increasing national debt.

These challenges have put additional pressure on Johannesburg Water, but the entity remains determined to find innovative solutions to ensure the delivery of essential services.

Nombuso Shabalala, the Spokesperson for Johannesburg Water, recognises the additional strain on the entity. “These factors have required innovative approaches to service delivery with limited funding and growing demands in marginalised areas,” Shabalala stated. “However, we are committed to exploring alternative models to maximise the provision of quality water and sanitation services, while also prioritising initiatives that will enhance our resilience and foster sustainable recovery.”


Johannesburg Water has planned several strategic interventions for the 2023/24 financial year under the Government of Local Unity’s leadership. The entity is optimistic about medium-term growth prospects, with a projected CPI of 5.3%.

However, prudent financial management is essential, with payment levels budgeted at 77.5%. This highlights the need for the entity to find ways to optimise resource allocation and maximise revenue collection.

Key initiatives include the Job Creation Programme, which will support employment through the EPWP and SMMEs. This programme aims to create job opportunities and stimulate economic growth in the city. Additionally, the Informal Settlements Upgrade Programme will continue to extend basic services to underserved communities, ensuring that all residents have access to clean water and proper sanitation.


The Infrastructure Investment Programme will focus on renewal and refurbishment projects, emphasising preventative maintenance. This proactive approach will help to enhance the resilience of the city’s water and sanitation infrastructure, reducing the risk of failures and interruptions in service delivery.

Furthermore, the Water Services Programme will ensure prompt response to interruptions and bursts. This programme aims to reduce leaks and address sewer blockages quickly, minimising the impact on residents and businesses.


The Revenue Enhancement Programme will target reductions in Non-Revenue Water and improve meter reading accuracy. This will help to ensure that Johannesburg Water is able to generate the revenue needed to maintain and improve its services.

Moreover, the Water Demand Management Programme will optimise water consumption levels and assess infrastructure to reduce reliance on external water sources. This will help to ensure the long-term sustainability of the city’s water supply.


Johannesburg Water serves a wide area, from Orange Farm in the south to Midrand in the north, Roodepoort in the west, and Alexandra in the east. With many residents depending on its services, Johannesburg Water reaffirms its commitment to achieving strategic goals and delivering quality services to all stakeholders in the upcoming financial year.

The entity recognises the importance of its role in the city and is dedicated to working tirelessly to ensure that all residents have access to the water and sanitation services they need to thrive.