Here are a few things to avoid doing when flying. Image: canva

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Eight rude things you should never do on a plane

Plane etiquette should be something everyone is aware of. Here are eight things that are considered rude to do on planes…

20-06-24 15:55
Here are a few things to avoid doing when flying. Image: canva

Flying is already considered a stressful experience for some, and certain behaviours on board a plane can exacerbate the discomfort for everyone involved. Here are eight rude things you should definitely avoid doing on planes…

Reclining your seat without first checking

Reclining your seat without considering the person behind you can cause discomfort, especially on an already full flight. Always check with the person behind you before reclining, and if you do, do it slowly and considerately.

Blocking the aisle

Lingering in the aisle during boarding, disembarking, or throughout the flight can cause congestion and frustration for other passengers and crew members. Be mindful of others and try to move efficiently.

Ignoring personal hygiene

Neglecting personal hygiene can make the confined space of a plane uncomfortable for others. Ensure you’re clean and fresh, avoid strong perfumes or body odour, and keep your shoes on.

Being disrespectful to flight attendants

Flight attendants are there to ensure safety and comfort. Being rude or demanding to them not only makes their job harder but can also create a tense atmosphere for other passengers.

Hogging the armrests

Armrests can be a contentious issue, especially in the middle seat. Be considerate of shared space and try to find a compromise with your seatmates, acknowledging that middle-seat passengers often have the least space.

Talking loudly

Whether it’s a conversation with your seatmate or a phone call before takeoff, speaking loudly can disturb those around you. Keep your voice at a reasonable volume and be mindful of others who might be trying to rest or focus on their own activities.

Monopolizing overhead compartments

Overhead compartment space is limited, so try to be considerate when stowing your carry-on items. Place your bags efficiently and avoid using more than your fair share of the space.

Bringing strong-smelling food on board

Bringing food on a plane is fine, but always try to be considerate of any strong odour that your food might have. Foods with strong smells can be off-putting in the close quarters of a plane cabin. Opt for less pungent options to avoid bothering your neighbours.