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Top 10 countries the world wants to relocate to

Where do the people of the world most want to relocate to? Recent data has revealed the Top 10 countries. Take a look…

08-07-24 12:42
Where would you want to relocate to? Image: canva

Where would people love to live?

Researchers and relocation experts at 1st Move International recently analysed search data to find the countries that people are most interested in moving to.

According to Daily Mail, the data was found using Google Keyword Planner to find the number of searches for relocating, moving, and houses in each country to reveal the most-searched-for countries.

The data found that Canada was the most popular, with an impressive 1.5 million hits. Closely following was Australia in second place with over 1.3 million relocation searches and New Zealand in the third spot with over 1.1 million searches.

1st Move International claimed that ‘Canada is a diverse country with a high quality of life. Along with publicly funded healthcare and education, Canada boasts stunning natural beauty.’.

Canada was the most popular country to relocate to for 74 countries, with India, Nigeria, and South Africa having searched for a relocation to Canada the most, with 170 000, 39 000, and 30 000 searches, respectively.

The data found that the land-down-under was the second-most popular for 20 countries in total, with the top three countries searching for relocation to Australia being the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Ireland. The UK alone searched to relocate to Australia over 400 000 times, the second-highest total searches for an individual country.

Third-most popular was Spain, with 17 countries in total searching to relocate there. Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany longed the most to move to Spain, searching 20 000, 19 800, and 18 900 times, respectively.

The Top 10 most-searched for countries

Here was the top 10 most-searched for countries to relocate to:

CountriesTotal relocation searches
Canada1 526 780
Australia1 360 700
New Zealand1 159 700
Spain1 154 700
United Kingdom1 116 700
Portugal843 000
Japan804 800
Germany761 200
France757 100
Switzerland703 500