ANC Manifesto Launch KZN - African National Congress RET
ANC supporters came out in their numbers. Image: @MYANC

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Survey finds SA voters favour RET policies

A recent survey has found that supporter wanted RET policies that would make a real change and alleviate poverty.

16-03-24 10:50
ANC Manifesto Launch KZN - African National Congress RET
ANC supporters came out in their numbers. Image: @MYANC

While most South African political parties are not in favour of the Radical Economic Transformation (RET) policy, the concept is popular among the majority of South African voters, a new survey has found.

RET, as an economic restructuring concept, seeks to replace white racial domination of South Africa’s economy with black economic empowerment, where black professionals benefit from state contracts.

The Citizen reported that according to the findings of the recently released SA Voter Sentiment Report 2023, which randomly sampled 12 668 registered and eligible voters, most voters had strong feelings about the need to implement RET to lift them out of poverty.


“They (findings) indicate that voters recognise the need for change and there’s significant consensus that millions of South Africans must be lifted out of poverty,” says Brandon de Kock, director of storytelling for WhyFive, one of the companies that conducted the survey.

He said that a total of 67% of EFF and 55% of ANC supporters agreed with the statement that capitalism is good for the rich and bad for the poor. However, 39% of the Multi-Party Charter (MPC) supporters disagreed, while 44% agreed.

De Kock also said that 78% of EFF and 68% of ANC supporters felt strongly about the nationalisation of mines and banks. A surprising 29% of MPC followers supported nationalisation, which aims to promote fair distribution of resources and reduce economic and social disparities.


The EFF’s 2024 political manifesto says the nationalisation of mines, banks and other strategic sectors of the economy, without compensation will help alleviate the crisis levels of poverty, inequality, and underdevelopment being experienced in the country.

The party’s leader Julius Malema said during the manifesto launch last month that the EFF government will foster the transformation agenda across all arts disciplines, sporting codes, and economic spaces that remain predominantly white or untransformed.

“The EFF government will review all contracts, including those signed before 1994, and will nullify any that are found to be exploitative and induced by colonial or apartheid tendencies, with the aim of redressing the past injustices,” Malema said at the time.


Former President Jacob Zuma, who led the country through ten years of state capture, once said in 2022 that the ANC is no longer seen as a leader of society because it’s failing to implement the party’s radical economic transformation policy.

“RET is an adopted ANC policy,” said Zuma. “It is those seeking the destruction of the ANC who join enemies of the ANC, including white monopoly capital, in attacking an adopted ANC policy position. 

“We should be applauding and encouraging comrades, not vilifying them, who are reminding our movement to implement RET,” Zuma said.