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Rise Mzansi is seen as the solution to youth unemployment and government incompetence. Image: X/Rise Mzansi

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RISE Mzansi: ‘We are very far from our promised land’

RISE Mzansi leader Songezo Zibi expresses that he will cast his vote once more, this time experiencing a blend of emotions.

20-05-24 18:02
rise mzanzi
Rise Mzansi is seen as the solution to youth unemployment and government incompetence. Image: X/Rise Mzansi

After three decades in what he terms a democracy that has consistently failed to meet expectations, RISE Mzansi leader Songezo Zibi indicates that he will participate in the voting process once more, albeit with a sense of mixed emotions, as he believes that “We are very far from our promised land.”


In 1994, all South Africans participated in their inaugural vote for a democratic government, a moment filled with excitement and anticipation as it signified a departure from the apartheid era.

However, despite the initial hopes for significant change, citizens find themselves still grappling with challenging circumstances to this day.

He criticised established political party leaders for wasting the mandates entrusted to them. 

However, he asserted that under a RISE Mzansi administration, they would prioritise liberating people from poverty, unemployment, crime, financial difficulties, the housing shortage, and various other social challenges.

“And so here we are, 30 years later, with millions of South Africans going into this election with fear for their lives and the future.

“Our objective as RISE Mzansi is to turn that fear into hope, and to turn that hope into actual transformation,” he said.

On Saturday, Zibi spoke at his party’s “people’s” rally held at Ruimsig Stadium in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, as part of the pre-election campaign efforts.

This is 10 days before the 29 May national and provincial elections.

According to IOL, Zibi informed the audience that his party possessed a practical and feasible strategy to deliver on the promises to South Africans in 1994. 

This plan encompassed job creation and economic revitalisation, aiming to generate R300 billion within three years through a wealth tax to address deteriorating infrastructure and ensure accessible clean water.

He conveyed to the audience that none of the challenges faced by South Africans were coincidental or the consequence of natural calamities. 

Instead, they stemmed from leaders who needed more competence to govern, lead, unite, and inspire the citizens.


Excitement and anticipation are reaching a peak as members and supporters of RISE Mzansi convene at Ruimsig Stadium in Roodepoort for the party’s concluding “people’s” rally before the 29 May national and provincial elections.

The rally was anticipated to draw over 5 000 party supporters. It marks the party’s inaugural participation in the polls.

Party leader Songezo Zibi was expected to deliver the keynote address to the fledgling party’s supporters.

Khume Ramulifho, RISE Mzansi’s strategic campaign adviser, expressed hope that the diligent efforts exerted throughout the campaign trail would translate into votes on election day.

He firmly believes that his party offers a credible alternative for the people of South Africa.

“We have managed to register to contest elections in all nine provinces, including the national ballot and it was not a high task for us because people are looking forward to having an alternative which is giving hope instead of fear,” he said.

He emphasised their commitment to sustaining grassroots mobilisation efforts by discussing the path forward post-election post-election, mainly preparing for the 2026 elections.

He further explained that their strategy would involve broadening their footprint and influence to ensure that Members of Parliament (MPs) and Provincial Legislators (MPLs) actively engage with communities more regularly.