Durban beachfront

Anti “New Year’s Day on the Beach” Posts Go Too Far

By Pip Davis 04-01-16 10:55

So I woke up yesterday morning after our traditional New Year’s Day “Bugger All”. This is where we sleep as late as possible, move as little as possible, eat leftovers and try to remember why a 3am bedtime after the age of 40 is ever a good idea. I checked Facebook for news, pokes and jokes and discovered […]

One billion people on social media

PURELY PIP: 1 Billion Humans Connected on Facebook. Time for the Magic…

By Pip Davis 08-09-15 11:54

Today, incredibly, 1 Billion human beings connected with each other on Facebook. So says Mark Zuckerberg who, in his usual humble way, is as surprised as the next guy at how his social project has blossomed into a global phenomenon.* Human Beings. A billion of us. All magnificently, diversely unique. Connected. That is a magical […]

Source: Twitter/Bantu Holomisa

PURELY PIP – Could SONA be the kick in the pants we needed?

By Pip Davis 08-09-15 11:54

Yoh! Just as I was coming to terms with the Stazi in Parliament and people in funny hats not being the 80s flashback I thought it was, on paying for my much cheaper diesel yesterday, I caught the lunchtime news. That chap Julius is a miracle worker. Seriously. Not only has he inadvertently united South […]