Big Shark and Little Kayak

If you haven’t yet seen it, check out the video below of a LARGE shark swimming past a kayak in Fish Hoek. It was filmed by ‘brucehimself’ from his lounge on the 25th April 2011. In his post, Bruce presumed that “the paddler didn’t notice the shark swimming right past him” otherwise he “would have kayaked in his pants”!

However, it turns out that the paddler did see that shark and did not ‘kayak’ in his pants! In a recent YouTube post, the paddler, ‘dylanvification’, says “I did see the shark coming towards me and remembered the advice I got from a friend that when I see a shark to remain calm, not to panic and to head for shore…so I did that. I was paddling up and down to keep warm as it was very cold, then I was going in to catch a wave…and I saw him.”