A South Africa-based company has launched a new search engine which is run purely on green energy. In addition, through a number of strategic partnerships, the company – Ads4Trees – will be planting 1 tree for every 500 searches conducted by users. The search engine is linked to a fully-featured pay-per-click ad network and is fully mobile enabled.

Ads4Trees website screenshot
www.Ads4Trees.com - Happy Green Searching

When you search, the system will basically query both Google and Bing, present the results, alternate them and remove duplicates.

Why a new search engine?

“Well, when you consider the fact that Google produces in excess of 1.5 MILLION tons of carbon every year; Google has no revenue sharing opportunity (only the company and its shareholders share in its profits) and the company is simply too powerful, it becomes apparent that a rival system is necessary to give consumers some choice…we’d like to think that with your help, our service could stand a chance,” says Ads4Trees spokesman Charles Ash.

Ads4Trees, which  is headed up by Taryn Human, is a carbon-free search engine that will plant trees the more you search.

Taryn Human
Taryn Human heads up South Africa based search engine Ads4Trees

“Every search engine, the world over (including Google), provides you with free search and other services for the express purpose of displaying ads to you,” explains Ash, “Our service is no different, except we have an extremely unique focus on the environment and the creation of revenue opportunities for our users and advertisers.”

According to Ash, what differentiates Ads4Trees from mainstream search engines is the following:

1) Ads4Trees contributes to reforestation and carbon sequestration through the planting of trees.
2) Ads4Trees will be creating massive employment opportunities through our various tree-planting projects.
3) Ads4Trees provide an unequalled revenue opportunity for people who refer their service to others using the MobiPreneurz.com system
4) Ads4Trees is carbon-negative.
5) Ads4Trees is a 100% South African based start-up.

With an integrated mobile referral system www.mobipreneurz.com, users will be able to search the world’s first carbon-free, tree-planting search engine; make money by earning a 10% commission on any advertisers they refer to the site and  reap a 40% commission on adverts they publish.

Visit:  www.ads4trees.com

Ads4Trees website screenshot
New South Africa based search engine, Ads4Trees, will plant one tree for every 500 searches