Kill the Trade that Kills the Elephant

WWF Supporters Visit the Frontline with Interactive  AFRICAM.COM snapshot experience

Poaching and illegal wildlife trade are an extremely dangerous threat to rhinos, elephants and tigers and to combat this crisis WWF has launched a global campaign to bring awareness to the issue. During the month of October, WWF will be partnering with Africam to spread the #killthetrade message through an interactive online wildlife photo sharing experience on the website.

South Africans unite to Kill the Trade that Kills the Elephant

WWF’s campaign is mobilizing millions of voices against wildlife crime and Africam is allowing the online community to be virtually transported to those front lines by means of their LIVE safari channels.

Once there, a viewer can take a snapshot of an elephant or other animals that they see on the LIVE cameras, and then share those photos via social networks or email. Each image is stamped with the WWF #killthetrade Twitter hashtag and links to more information about the dangers facing these creatures. Users can also sign up for wildlife alerts, which will send them a message on Facebook or Twitter as soon as animals appear on one of the LIVE channels.

The goal of the project is to allow almost anyone to participate in bringing awareness to the cause. All you need is an internet connection to make the trip to the African bush. Once there you’ll have the means to capture your own wildlife photograph and share it with the rest of the world. With only a few clicks you will have joined the million voices against illegal wildlife trade and truly taken action to make a difference.

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