Open Letter to Dr Ramphele – “Your Work is Not Yet Done”

Gauteng businessman, Agang SA supporter and Facebook commentator Tshepo Motsitsi writes an open letter to Dr Ramphele:

Tshepo Motsitsi
Tshepo Motsitsi

I’m ambivalent about open letters but if I were to write an open letter to Dr Mamphela Ramphele it would be along these lines:

Dear Dr Ramphele,

In 2013 I got actively involved in politics inspired by your message of active citizenship. I stopped complaining from the sidelines and got into the game inspired by what I viewed to be your personal sacrifice in giving up the relative comfort and luxury of the boardroom to enter active politics and make yet another contribution to our beloved South Africa.

My experience in Agang proved to be an eye opener mainly due to my naiveté. I assumed that all who join Agang would be working towards a single shared goal, only to realise that those who couldn’t rise through the ranks of ANC and COPE viewed Agang as their vehicle to political office. In reality Agang attracted the rats and mice who took our eye off the goal as they engaged in tussles for internal positions. Many of us were uncomfortable with the horsetrading, underhanded wheeling and dealing and curtailed our participation in Agang structures. Unfortunately this meant that you were left almost “woman alone” to ward off these usurpers.

Dr Ramphele I suspect you were also naïve in thinking that you could appeal to the masses at an intellectual level. I suspect you found that not many South Africans have transcended the politics of false promises, food parcels and dancing, prancing politicians. You entered into an arena where your competition relied on blatant dishonesty, racism, cunning, character assassination and yet more dancing, these are characteristics you don’t possess. You relied on logic, sound policies and people’s ability to distinguish between wrong and right but unfortunately this is not a recipe that appeals to the South African voter, who within a week of the election were out on the streets protesting about lack of service delivery.

Nationally I voted for Agang for the sole reason that I wanted you in parliament, as I believe that we need someone with your experience, intellect, forthrightness and vision to be part of those who exercise oversight over the executive. Am I disappointed that you have chosen not to go to parliament? No I am not. I sincerely believe you will be wasted in parliament.

I’m of the opinion that this parliament will not achieve much, focus will be on parties settling scores and advancing party political objectives rather than national objectives. It will be a parliament dominated by side shows such as people in overalls and domestic worker uniforms, there will be contrived walkouts and exhibitions of juvenile insults.

I recognise that 2014 has been emotionally bruising and morally taxing but Dr Ramphele your work is not yet done. I believe that you can better serve South Africa by continuing your quest to liberate the minds of our people. Your message of active citizenship has not reached enough people. I admit that it is a thankless task but its a task I and many others are willing to tackle alongside you.

South Africa is crying out for a leader who will free the electorate from a reliance on politicians. Our compatriots need a leader to fill them with the courage to demand better from our politicians. People need the inspiration of a leader that is selfless, a leader driven by a genuine desire to foster a better life for all. We need the inspiration that comes with a leader who is not looking for personal gain.

Dr Ramphele your work is not yet done.


Tshepo Motsitsi