Claude Moshiywa
"We can do things better together" - Claude Moshiywa

Last year Comrades Marathon champion Claude Moshiywa was the first South African to win an up-run in 21 years. It’s a feat which took him major dedication, perseverance and vision.

 Claude Moshiywa
“We can do things better together” – Claude Moshiywa

Recognising the parallels between Claude’s journey and that of South Africa, Nation Builder created this inspiring video with Claude’s message to everyone. Right now it seems so appropriate:

In the video (watch below) Claude says:

“Winning the Comrades was the best day of my life. I saw myself as a champion one day. It was within my reach. You have to sacrifice. I worked HARD for my dreams and I never gave up.

“Our country needs a dream. If you don’t dream you won’t succeed. Imagine being the strength of the nation…

“If we run together we can go further and be strong. We need to work together as a team with the goal and the dream to build our nation. We can do things better together. Become a nation bulder. Build tomorrow today.”

Watch Video: Nation Builder featuring Claude Moshiywa