South African singer songwriter Duncan Faure was inducted into the RockGodz Hall of Fame in a star-studded performance and awards ceremony in Las Vegas, USA, on July 30, 2014.

Duncan Faure uploaded this pic to FB in the last 24 hours with the following message: “Was very honored to be selected and inducted in Rockgodz hall of Fame 2014 in Las Vegas. Thanks from me, Duncan”

Duncan, former singer with one of the most famous bands to ever come out of South Africa – Rabbitt – said he was “very honoured to be selected and inducted” and “thanks from me”.

He performed “Nightfall” at the event which was held at the Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill in Vegas (and is not connected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame).

Rabbitt was one of the biggest pop phenomenons to ever occur in South Africa – generating the same kind of mania as Beatle Mania! The band was formed in 1975 and recorded three gold albums and won seven SARIE awards (SA’s Grammy) for best group from 1976-1978.

Duncan Faure, Rabbitt
Duncan uploaded this old picture to his Facebook page with the caption: “Ordinary day in ’77, cost us a fortune in shirts…”

And Duncan Faure and his bandmates certainly were treated like Rock Gods (as seen in the photo above). Rabbitt Ruled!

In 1978 Duncan joined legendary Scottish pop group Bay City Rollers as their lead vocalist.

Rabbitt, South Africa's biggest pop phenomenon from the '70s
Rabbitt, South Africa’s biggest pop phenomenon from the ’70s

Today he lives in Vegas where he performs with musicians from around the world including The Cult’s Lez Warner (who was also at the RockGodz event), Sean Koos from Joan Jett’s band and Charlene Tilton from ‘Dallas’.

The other former Rabbitt band members have also gone on to have creative and successful careers. Trevor Rabin has become a hugely successful film composer in Hollywood (and won a Grammy during his years with British group Yes); and according to an article on Fresh Music’s website written in 2006, Neil Cloud had at that time become an “innovative force” in the world décor market, and Ronnie Robot had sold close to one million DVDs in the children’s education sector.

Watch Video: Duncan Faure performing his song ‘Nightfall’ at Rock Godz awards July 30, 2014 in Las Vegas

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Watch Video: Charlie by Rabbitt

‘Charlie’ entered the Springbok Radio Top 20 Chart on 18 June, 1976.

Watch Video: Dingley’s Bookshop by Rabbitt


  1. […] 2.  In other music news, our very own Duncan Faure was inducted to the Rockgodz hall of Fame.  Many of the older Edenvale peeps knew Duncan personally, even though he grew up in Pretoria.  Back in the day, he often played the Edenvale “Clubs” with Rabbitt.  He posted the following message on his personal Facebook page, “Was very honored to be selected and inducted in Rockgodz Hall of Fame 2014 in Las Vegas. Thanks from me, Duncan.”  When Rabbitt broke up, Duncan, went on to join the Bay City Rollers.  He’s currently living in las Vegas.  SA People News referred to him as a South African legend. […]

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