Grab your oversized non-prescription glasses and find out whether you’re a Mother City trendster…

Cape Town trendsters

1. You’ve taken a ‘pelfie’

That’s a selfie at the Cheers of hipster bars, The Power & the Glory. Chances are, your photo is on the infamous (but still cool enough to be on) ‘Wall o’ Trendsters’.

2. You’ve had a stick-and-poke at Sins of Style and your partner doesn’t consider it cheating

3. You’ve re-watched Titanic ironically at the Galileo Open Air Cinema at Kirstenbosch

It’s cool because it’s a freakin’ outdoor theatre at freakin’ Kirstenbosch Garden, man, but it’s hipster because you were being ironic about watching the greatest love-story-based-on-actual-events of our time – and you can picture yourself rocking the outfits worn by the third-class passengers. You also go on party buses ironically and dance at Assembly ironically.

4. You’ve done budget shopping at the Shoprite in Sea Point so you have more money to spend at the Apple iStore

In fact, the only non-Apple piece of tech that you own is the Polaroid camera you bought while browsing around at Milnerton Market. Now you have to go back to Milnerton every other Saturday because it’s the only place you can get film.

5. Everything is rad

Well, only rad things that are actually rad are rad. Rad is the only rad way of saying ‘cool’.

6. Smiling while wearing your wayfarers/John Lennon specs is too mainstream.

7. You think Rocking the Daisies is too commercial now

Any festival where people actually know the name of the headline act is too commercial for you. Even Afrikaburn is not as non-commercial as it was when you went as one of the original ‘Burners’. 

8. You can tell if something’s gluten-free just by looking at it

Then again, your thick black-framed glasses also help.

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