Watch #OscarTrial Verdict Live

Watch the Oscar Pistorius trial live. Judge Masipa is currently delivering judgment in the trial that has captivated the attention of the nation and parts of the world.

UPDATE – Please click here to view DAY 2 Live

LIVE VIDEO: Oscar Pistorius Verdict

For those (eg. in Germany) who can’t see the stream above, here are some tweets from Suzanne Brenner (@prowriting):

  • Judge Masipa has found #Oscar was an unreliable witness who lost composure under cross-examination
  • Judge wonders why deceased didn’t communicate with #Oscar according to accused
  • Judge says one can’t conclude a certainty that an accused who doesn’t tell the truth is guilty – onus on state to prove guilt
  • Murder charge circumstantial. #Oscar says it was mistake. Prosecution hasn’t proved beyond reasonable doubt it was premeditated
  • Court resumes. Ahead of dealing with #Oscar’s intention, Judge refers to other precedents of intended or mistaken murder
  • Killing someone in error is not an excuse. The judge says it is not lawfulness that’s an issue but culpability
  • The accused has not admitted he had the intention to shoot and kill the deceased but the court is entitled 2 look at case as a whole
  • We can’t hear him but #Oscar’s sobbing as he listens to the judge say killing someone in error doesn’t mean an accused is innocent
  • Expert in @OscarTrial199 studio says culpable homicide is killing without intention. Silence in court as the judge’s words sink in
  • Court is on lunch break
  • Studio experts seem taken aback by findings thus far. One of the guests – a judge – says conclusions thus far most controversial
  • Prosecutor #GerrieNel must be taking strain while counsel for defence #BarryRoux is surely resting a little easier this lunchtime
  • I hope the public saves its wrath for inconclusive evidence &  “absence of facts” @OscarTrial199. The judge is not the offender
  • Will #Oscar know his fate today? After months of guessing which way it’d go, the judge has already ruled out worst
  • Studio expert @OscarTrial199: “99% of character evidence has been excluded, #Oscar’s absolved of murder – will he be acquitted?”
  • While court of public opinion found him guilty long ago, if #Oscar walks free his life will never be the same
  • Judge found #Oscar changed his version of events several times yet she ruled his story was “reasonably, possibly true”
  • The judge is back in court, the trial is in session
  • Judge refers 2 test of the reasonable man re: negligence i.e. culpable homicide
  • Judge dismisses #Oscar’s vulnerability. Says many grow up in crime-ridden SA & acted negligently. Court closed till morning!
  • Suddenly court is adjourned until 9:30 tomorrow. Talk of being left up in the air… it’s been day of surprises for all concerned
  • Suzanne Brenner (@prowriting) will be tweeting again tomorrow: