Sandton Survival Guide Video

There’s another Suzelle DIY on the block…or rather the screen. This is Typhane K…better known as South African actress, singer and cabaret artist Kate Normington.

Typhane K

But instead of dishing out DIY advice for those with time on their hands to cook and create…Typhane’s advice is more hardcore – how to survive in Sandton!

In this first episode Typhane gives tips on how to “survive the traumatic experience that a day out in Sandton has become” – notably the pain of trying to pay for your parking, and navigating your way through intersections to get to the shops (never stop and definitely don’t use your hazards because they’re “a sign of weakness”).

Kate is best known for her roles in musical theatre, particularly ‘Nunsense, ‘Sweeney Todd’ and ‘Hair’.


  1. There’s no comparison to be had with this Typh girl and Suzelle-DIY – the latter is funny, clever and sharp, giving us tips that can actually help, and make us smile. Typh is trying too hard to emulate Suzelle and in the process, getting it all so terribly wrong. Just my opinion.

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