Cool Video of Two Black Mambas Fighting…over a Female of course!

Check out the rare video footage below of two black mamba snakes fighting over who gets the girl!

The quality of the film is unfortunately not that great, but the sighting is exceptional with the snakes conducting their ritualised combat in full view in the middle of the road.

The sighting of the black mambas (Dendroaspis polylepis) occurred in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, on the S50 near Mopani.

When Kruger Sightings first uploaded the video to YouTube they mis-identified the dance-like sequence as a mating ritual, but were soon corrected by viewers that it is in fact a fight between two males. The female snake is within 10 metres of the two males. Whichever male proves to be the most physically fit will be the one with whom she mates.

Mating season for the black mamba occurs annually between early spring and summer. According to Wikipedia “rival males may engage in combat involving twisting their bodies around each other and raising their heads high off the ground, in a bid to subdue their opponent. This may sometimes be mistaken for mating.”

Watch Video – Two Black Mamba Snakes Fight