Johnny Clegg

Eish, Johnny Clegg is an inspiration on so many levels. Check how the legendary South African still unites, and dances with energy at the age of 61.

Johnny Clegg

The video was filmed by Marguerite Nokuthula de Villiers at the End of Year farewell dance outside Jeppe Hostel a couple of months ago, in December.

In a previous interview with SAPeople, Clegg revealed his secret to staying so fit is “gym, eating right…not too much alchohol – ye know… all the regular stuff.”

Clegg has inspired us since his days with Jaluka, and then Savuka, singing of freedom, equality and cultural unity in a time when South Africa was drowning in apartheid. “I have always promoted the crossing over of culture and the idea that there is space for all cultural voices  to be heard  and expressed,” he told SAPeople. “That is  the constant message that underlies what I do.”

He also shared the best piece of advice he ever received: “The only insight you find on top of a mountain is the one you take up with you.”