VIRAL VIDEO: Buffalo Bursts Car’s Tyre…and Chases Lions Away

Tourists in the Kruger National Park recently got a fright when a buffalo used them, well their vehicle to be exact, to get lions off his back.

Buffalo fights off lions
Buffalo fights off lions. Source: youtube/screenshot

The video was uploaded by Kruger Sightings on Monday 20 April 2015 and has already had over 180,000 views!

The video was filmed by South African holiday makers in the Kruger (whose conversation and nervous giggles can can be clearly heard as their vehicle becomes temporarily trapped near the end).

The uploader describes the film as being an “amazing video of a buffalo fighting hard to fend off two male lions, when he realises that his last option was to burst a car’s tyre to give them a fright.” (Although it’s debatable whether the buffalo intentionally burst the tyre expecting the outcome he got!)

Please be warned, there is some blood and gore…

Watch Video – Buffalo Bursts a Car’s Tyre to Chase Lions Away