Loadshedding Cape Town

Capetonian-based photographer Eric Nathan has captured an enlightening 15 seconds worth of load shedding in Cape Town.

Cape Town loadshedding video
Loadshedding…during and after. Photos: FB / Eric Nathan

Eric uploaded the time-lapse video below which starts off with the city of Cape Town almost blacked out sans electricity during Eskom’s infamous load shedding…followed by the effect of the power being restored as house, office and street lamps light up the city.

After filming the scene last Wednesday, Eric wrote on Facebook that it was “truly fascinating to observe the city of Cape Town without power during tonight’s load shedding. Who needs Earth Hour when you have Eskom?” He uploaded the video a couple of days ago…

Watch Video – Time-Lapse of Cape Town during Loadshedding

And while you’re here…here’s another fab video from Eric:

Watch Video – Star Trails Over Cape Town

Eric Nathan – “Time-lapse video of star trails over Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.”

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