Stunning Videos Showcase Some of the Best South African Neighbourhoods

For all those thinking of moving back to South Africa, a local estate agency has compiled three stunning videos to take some of the hard slog out of it for you.

The videos of Durban Central, Cape Town Southern Suburbs and Sandton (in Gauteng) showcase the areas, the lifestyle, the schools, the community, and the ease of commuting, amongst other elements that are important when selecting where to relocate to.

The agency, Private Property, uploaded the videos on Wednesday with a message saying: “Discover, research and find everything you need to know about South Africa’s best neighbourhoods.”

According to their website the average prices of a three-bedroomed home are: R 2 230 000 in Durban Central, R 3 470 000 in Sandton and R 3 800 000 in Cape Town Southern Suburbs.

Watch the videos here:

Durban – Beach meets business…

Private Property say: “Durban Central is a diverse, colourful area with lots to do. The beach is the biggest attraction and locals flock the promenade to cycle, run, surf, swim, fish or just catch some sun. There are incredibly lush parks and open spaces for locals to enjoy. The nightlife in Durban Central is exciting with numerous bars, pubs, restaurants and night clubs in close proximity to each other. As it’s name implies, Durban Central’s location makes it convenient to get to any of the other areas around Durban.”

Average 3 bedroom house to buy: R 2 230 000

Sandton – Work hard, play hard…then relax

According to Private Property: “Sandton is a vibrant, modern neighbourhood that contains the richest square mile in Africa. It is the business gateway into Africa for many large corporations. But Sandton is not just about big business, residents find plenty time for leisure too. World class shopping centres, and a buzzing social scene are a huge hit with the young and young at heart. Perhaps surprisingly, there is a huge amount of green space in the area that residents take advantage of to exercise or just take a breather.”

Average 3 bedroom house to buy: R 3 470 000

Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs – Affluent Village Feel

“The Southern Suburbs make up some of the most popular residential areas in Cape Town. With large plots of land and roomy homes, the area attracts a fairly affluent crowd. The southern suburbs are conveniently situated close to shopping facilities, the University of Cape Town, good schools such as Rondebosch Boys, Rustenberg Girls, SACS and Hershel and Bishops. Outdoor lovers revel in the wide open spaces and may sporting facilities nearby. The more artistically inclined can take advantage of the theatres and galleries located close by,” says Private Property.

Average 3 bedroom house to buy: R 3 800 000