An American, who lives in South Africa, has uploaded a video of his “crazy elephant encounter” to YouTube and to the Hluhluwe–iMfolozi Park facebook page. See above or below.

“When we go to the bush, the animals come to us. That’s our style,” Monte Fuller says in the video.

In his video caption, Monte – who hails from Oregon in the USA, and now lives in Durban – says – “We had a crazy elephant encounter as we arrived at our bush camp.

“The wet stuff on the elephant’s head means he is in “Musth”, which means he is looking for a female to mate with, and he is extraaaa-agro!

“The grey truck is ours, we had just arrived and finished unpacking our gear, waiting for the rest of our party to arrive, when we heard branches snapping from our hut. We went out to investigate, and this video shows what we found…”

“He was at our camp for a couple hours causing havoc. By the end of our stay, we ended up seeing 4 of Africa’s Big 5 animals in our camp! We saw Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, and Rhino. The only Big 5 animal we didn’t see at our camp was Leopard. We saw lots of other animals though, it was an amazing get-away with some great friends.”

Monte adds at the end: “Note to kids…Never try to physically touch a wild African Elephant. ‘You die!’ says our Bush Tracker.”

Watch Video: Elephant Encounter

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