Kevin Richardson, the South African also known as the Lion Whisperer because of his close-quarters work with lions, has just released a video pleading for greater awareness of canned lion hunting is.

In brief, Richardson says that canned hunting, which is being criticised by more and more conservation organizations around the world, is the hunting of a lion that has grown up in captivity and often has been petted by a human. That lion (like Echo, the one sitting alongside Richardson in the video) is then “set free”, with no idea of how to protect itself, only to have a hunter train his rifle sights on it.

As Richardson says, even though there are laws to protect animals and to safeguard against bad hunting practices, the thwarting of rules during canned hunts makes the control of the practice very “murky”.

Richardson pleads for viewers to share the video to spread understanding of how terrible canned hunting is.

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